Dr. NH Jones PE Happenings

    NHJ Track and Field Team run

    Our track and field team had a blast at the Marion County District Track and Field Meet.  Our females earned first place and our males earned second place for their groups.  Overall NHJ earned the most points.  It was an awesome experience for all our athletes and families.

    Track Team

    NHJ Soccer Team ball

    Our soccer team earned first place at the Marion County District Soccer Meet.  Our athletes worked hard as a team, displayed sportmanship and had so much fun.  Way to go Panthers!


    Soccer Meet  

    5 Points of Life Kids Marathon

    Unfortunately, the annual Kids Marathon in Ocala has be cancelled this school year.  Life South hopes to have it up and running for the next school year.

    NHJ Volleyball Team Volleyball

    Our volleyball team competed in the Marion County District Volleyball Meet November 8, 2019.  The athletes rocked at representing our school with superb teamwork, sportmanship and skill. Go Panthers!


    NFL Play60 Football

    The NFL Play60 Program awarded our school a Touchdown School banner and a box of NFL Play60 swag to reward our MVPs.  They also offer an awesome flag football playbook.

    Flag Football   touchdown

    NBA Orlando Magic Gift basketball

    Let's all be Magic fans since they gifted 30 new Orlando Magic basketballs to our school.  We shared 15 with the Marion After School Programs.  That made for some happy kiddos.  


    Freedom Dental Visit brush

    The Freedom Clinic visited our school to teach us about the importance of dental health.  We are thankful that they provided each student with a toothbrush, toothpaste and flossers.  

      D3   D5   D1   


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