• Steps to access the student portal;

    • Make sure you have your child's User Name and Password (contact Mrs. O'Neill if you need this)
    • Go to  Marion County Public School Homepage
    • Click on the picture of the computer in the top right of the page
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    • Use the assigned User Name and Password to have your child sign on to his/her desktop
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    The iReady tile looks like this:


    The Studies/Science Weekly tile looks like this:




  • ZOOM is a Video Conferencing service that combines video conferencing, chat and mobile collaboration.  I will be using it so the students can all see me as well as each other, chat with each other, have show and tell time and I can't wait to have read alouds.  Please look at the service so you can prepare for the ZOOM meetings by going on their website, reading information about the service, download the service and go through any tutorials they provide to familarize yourself with the application.

    To access ZOOM please click on the following link:


    Please review the following document so we can all be prepared and respectful during our ZOOM meetings:

    ZOOM Etiquette