• Steps to access the student portal;

    • Make sure you have your child's User Name and Password (contact Mrs. O'Neill if you need this)
    • Go to  Marion County Public School Homepage
    • Click on the picture of the computer in the top right of the page
    •  This image isn't loading
    • Use the assigned User Name and Password to have your child sign on to his/her desktop
    •  gaffed
    • Click on the Office 365 Tile/Icon, it is orange and white (see highlighted tile in photo below)
    • student desktop tiles
    • Click on the Teams Icon, it has a group of people on the icon (see photo below)
    • TEAMS tile
    • Click on the “Teams” tab on the sidebar of the page if it isn’t highlighted
    • Click on the Icon “Mrs. O’Neill’s Homeroom” (see photo below)
    • Teams Oneill
    • Weekly Assignments can be found on the tab labeled "Weekly Assignments"

    The iReady tile looks like this:


    The Studies/Science Weekly tile looks like this: