A Note From Your Teacher...

  • Welcome to the "new" online learning format.  For the next 5 weeks (or more) we will be doing our work (online learning) in two places: Google Classroom and Class DoJo.  Please make sure your child has access to these two websites.    I sent information on class DoJo on how to access the student dojo.  If you need a code to join, please send me a dojo message.  

    If you are not sure how to use Google Classroom, please click on the link below for detailed directions.

    Google Classroom Directions

    IMPORTANT!!!  after clicking on Google Classroom the students will be asked for a username and password.

    username: first.lastname@marionstudents.net  DO NOT use a gmail.com account!  It won't work.

    password: use the studetn desktop password


    Office hours:  I will be available every day from 9:00-10:00 and 3:00-4:00


    If you have any questions about anything - please text me on DoJo.