• ALL student assignments must be completed by Friday, May 29th.  Please check skyward for a zero in science and math for last week.  This can be still be completed. Parents must take a picture of question answers for the science and email or dojo me.  

    SC.3.17.2 Recognize that plants use energy from the Sun, air, and water to make their own food.


    Watch this video and try the experiment yourself.  Things you'll need: 2 clear glasses, 2 leaves, and a box or a place that is totally dark like a closet.  IF you don't have the items available at home, just watch the video and write down your observations. 




    Please write your answers in complete sentences!


    1.  What is the outside jar producing?  

    2. What does the outside jar have that the inside jar not have?

    3. Do you remember what all of the components are to create photosynthesis?

    4. What do you notice the longer it stays outside?  Do you think it would make more bubbles if it stayed out even longer and why?


    Write down your answers and have your parents take a picture and send them to me by Friday!  Have a great week!


    Math classwork May 18-22:  Think Central assignments regarding graphs.  Students will locate these assignments on their portal found under the "things to do" tab.  Also, please follow your path and complete 15 minutes of iready each day.

    1. Chapter 2 assessment on graphs.