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    Week at a Glance for May 25th  to June 1st


    Monday:  No School!  Happy memorial Day!


    Tuesday:  Math: Think Central: Lesson 11.9

                   Science: Finish any lesson you need to.

                                Stem Scopes: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3:  Concepts Review Game

    Wednesday: Math:  Finish any lesson you need to

                                 IReady:  25 minutes

    Thursday:  Math: IReady 20 minutes

    Friday: Math/Science:  Finish any and all assignments.  Remember to check your grade in Skyward: if there is an * that means you didn't submit it and I have no grade


    Options:  Math/Science:  Brain Pop:  Username:  southocala

                                                           Password:  yellowjackets1

                  Science:  MyOn