• I encourage you during this time away from school to take advantage of the packets that the county is distributing.  

    Please work on writing with your child.  We have been making a lot of progress lately and with practice they can continue to make gains.  You can keep a journal of what you do during the day or give your child a topic to write about daily.  Encourage them to write by themselves first, sounding the words out by themselves and then you can help them "edit" their work.  Please allow them to do an illustration to go with their work.  Encouraging them to write to their friends would also be a great idea.  They can exchange letters when we all come back together.  

    Please work on reading and/or basic blending depending on their skill level.  


    I hope that we are back together as a class family soon. I will be gathering some resources and ideas for you as this week progress and will update with new information soon.