• What are we learning in music class?

    Kindergarteners are learning a lot of new songs, and continuing to practice the steady beat.  We've talked about fast vs. slow, high vs. low, and long vs. short sounds.

    First graders learned a new note: La!  We are putting together patterns of So Mi and La in our songs and compositions.  We also learned about the different unpitched instruments, and how to determine the timbre, or sound differences, of each one.  

    Second graders are working on determining and discerning form in music.  Our most popular forms are AB and ABA.  They are becoming masters at MRD melodies, able to sing and play them on instruments.  We labeled an accent in music (a stronger note) and we are about to label bar lines and measures.

    Third graders learned about low la and how it creates minor sounds.  They even got to sight read minor pentatonic melodies!  We talked about and labeled orchestral percussion instruments, and question and answer format of body percussion.  They are continuing to work on reading notes and rhythms, and playing ostinatos and other patterns on classroom instruments.

    Fourth and Fifth graders are continuing their recorder studies, working hard to earn each karate belt.  Students are playing with correct posture, hand position, and notes and rhythms.  They are also learning about a slew of other musical terms, including ostinato, round, and canon.  They are getting to play a wider variety of classroom instruments as the semester winds down.


    Updated: 4/13/18