• Learners:                                                          FAST FORWORD CHILDREN


    The next few weeks will be a change for you and me however, we will get through it.  I need you to be committed to doing the  assignments and submitting them for me to grade and place on your gradebook.  Do not sit and rush work on the passages because you did not do daily...follow your class schedule each day as if you are in class and you will find yourselves doing awesome work.


    Learners I need you to be the little troopers that I know you are.  We know what to do so I need you to do it.

    Fast Forword: ...( Part 1 )I have you scheduled for 40 minutes everyday, I need you to continue to do that.  I am also asking you to go to Reading plus and work on it at least once or twice a week.

    Logon to:  myscilearn.com   ------lunch number,lunch number...if by chance you have to login school:LakeWeirMiddleSchool       zipcode:34491  if you are still having problem then email me.


                  ( Part 2).  Readworks.org is going to become a big part of your grading.  I will set you some (not so boring) articles, read each first,then listen for second time with audio.  Read and answer the questions .  I will grade two each time and divide by 2 to give a grade.  Do your best on both to maintain.  Don't stress but I am holding you accountable.

         Logon to Readworks.org    find your name and type in your code: G7WMYJ  password:1234   (put this code closeby to get it each time you go work on your activities.  Look I don't expect you to be perfect, just be good (which you already has proved that).


                   Make each day a priority for the next.


                                                                                     ESCALATE CHILDREN

    Our activities is going to be a little different  but  you are able to read and write through out each passage.  You are going to do two reading and submitt.  I will grade them and divide by two which will give you a grade.  I will be putting grades in every three days...if you don't like your grade you will have the opportunity to email mail me and request a redo, I am giving you 3 chances to do that so you must use these chances wisely for the next weeks.  

    Readworks.org   find your name, if it is not there email me immediately.  Code: F7ARFJ  password: 1234 I have scheduled passages, you must complete and submitt for grading.  I will grade and divide your scores by 2 which will be your grade.  Work hard and aim for great grades.  I am not turning the audio on so focus and get your activities turned in for grading.  Remember I can see your activities once you log in. Just clicking an answer without citing the evidence give you poor results.  Do you best.