• Remind

    • Remind.com is a district approved way to allow for communication between students, parents/guardians, and the teacher.
    • It allows you the convenience of text messaging, but the safety of district monitored communication
    • Neither the recipient nor the sender will know the actual phone number used

    If you wish to be involved in “Remind” communication, which will allow for us to communicate as a whole and/or individually, please follow the listed directions:

    1. Text @lwmsfa to the number 81010
    2. You will then be instructed to “Reply with your full name”
    3. You will then be asked if you are a student, parent, or teacher.
    4. Finally, a message pops up that states that you’ve joined the group. It is here that you should click on the blue link to install “Remind”
    5. After following the link, you will click the “Install” button
    6. Once installed, click the “Open” button
    7. Enter your email or phone number
    8. Create a password (if you are a student, do not use the same password used at school)
    9. Tell if you are a student or a parent
    10. You may skip the next step if you do not want to put in your phone number
    11. Plug in your name and birthdate, click next
    12. Click on “Search for your class” and plug in Lake Weir Middle School
    13. Find my name, click on it, and push the plus button.
    14. Hit “Get Started”, “Set Notifications”, “Invite and Message”
    15. You have now joined and can easily communicate with me via “Remind”!!!
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