• Course Objectives:

    In this course, students will examine topics, make informed judgments, and apply problem solving skills to address historical, geographical, political, economic, and cultural issues related to civics in the United States and the global arena. Students will utilize historical inquiry to identify and solve problems, work cooperatively to achieve common goals, make connections between historical concepts and current events, connect history and the modern world using computers and other technology, and make historical connections through the research and writing process.

    General Topics:

    The seventh grade civics curriculum focuses on the following:
    • the principles, functions, and organization of government
    • the origins of the American political system
    • the roles, rights, and responsibilities of United States citizens
    • methods of active participation in our political systems.

    Civics End-of-Course Exam:

    Students are required to complete a standardized state end-of-course (EOC) exam in civics. This will be a comprehensive computer-based exam. This exam will count for 30% of the student’s final average. The test will include 52-60 multiple choice items consisting of low, moderate, and high level questions. The test is based on the Florida State Standards in civics. For more information, please see the Civics EOC test item specifications available on the FLDOE website