• Lake Weir Middle School

    7th Grade Science            

     Course Syllabus


    Instructor: Thomas Luther

    E-Mail:  thomas.luther1@marion.k12.fl.us

    Phone:  (352) 672-6120                           Room # 4-225





    This class will be the launch pad for rocketing your students onto a successful Science future. Hold on to your seats and plug into your air supply; we are on an educational mission. Our Science journey will venture through cells, the human body, and all the way to Matter and Energy in the environment.   This mission will consist of the following areas:

    • Methods of Science
    • Cell Structure and Function
    • The Human Body
    • Heredity and Reproduction
    • Classification of Organisms
    • Evolution of Organisms
    • Matter and Energy in our environment
    • Correct Use of Technology                    

    So please hold on to the handrail and keep all hands and feet inside the classroom.


    Glencoe Life Science:  This textbook is consumable, meaning students can write in it and they will not be responsible for handing these textbooks in at the end of the school year.  One will be sent home with your child.  At times your child will be assigned homework out of this textbook. 



    Students’ grades will be determined by the following:


    1. Tests and projects                       45%                               
    2. Class Assignments, binders, quizzes and FCA’s   45%                              
    3. Homework   10%                                                            




    Here at LWMS we S.O.A.R

    Say it with kindness

    Own it

    Act Responsibly

    Respect All



     Each minute I have with your child is very important therefore the following procedures will be followed every day. Please be in your assigned seat with all assigned materials ready to begin your daily bell ringer as class begins.


    Behavior expectations

    3 main class room rules that are strictly enforced

    • 1) raise hands and ask permission to speak
    • 2) never leave your seat without permission
    • 3) keep hands, feet and objects to yourself


    School rules for Cell phones and electronic devices- No electronic devices from the 1st bell of the day (9:25am) until the last (3:30pm).  Students found using cell phones during class without permission will be given a verbal warning first.  If the student continues to use his/her cell phone or other electronic device, student management will take it until the end of the day.  On the third infraction, a referral is written, the electronic device will be taken and given to student management.  You will have to come to student management to pick up the device.


    ****There will be times when your child will be asked to use his or her electronic device, this will be for educational purposes.



    Will be given from time to time and is worth 10% of your child’s grade


    Make-up work

    Every day your child has an excused absence is a day your child will have to make up any missed assignments while they were out


    Supply List

    Each student will be responsible for keeping up with their own personal supplies

    Students will need the following supplies.  If you could please bring 40 pencils to me along with at least 300 sheets of lined paper.  I will keep these supplies in my classroom and distribute them as needed. As the year goes on these are the 2 most needed supplies.  Thank you in advance.



                                      ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE:

    It is my hope that you will enjoy learning about science .  Science is a subject that always has something interesting to discover. I am always available to any student or parent requesting additional assistance.  I’m so glad to have your child in Science class this year! You can always contact me at thomas.luther1@marion.k12.fl.us  or by phone at 671-6120.                                                                             Sincerely,

                                                                            Mr. Luther