Course Instructor: Mr. Homer Gary, M.Ed.

    Instructor’s e-mail: Homer.Gary@marion.k12.fl.us

     Instructor’s room number: 04-116

     Pre-requisites: Willingness to work hard, to spend at least ONE HOUR every night reviewing the concepts learned, complete any assignments given, and to think logically.



    Algebra is defined as being the study of the properties of operations on numbers. Algebra generalizes arithmetic by using symbols, usually letters, to represent numbers or unknown quantities. Algebra is a problem-solving tool; like a tractor or combine is a farmer's tool, algebra is the mathematician's tool for solving problems. Algebra has applications to every human endeavor. From art to medicine to zoology, algebra can be a tool. People who say that they will never use algebra are people who do not know algebra. Learning algebra is a bit like learning to read and write. If you truly learn algebra, you will use it. Knowledge of algebra can give you more power to solve problems and accomplish what you want in life. [Online] Available http://matcmadison.edu/ald/lab/algebra/signed_numbers/what_is_alg.htm

    Although Algebra is very broad, this course puts a major emphasis on properties of real numbers, algebraic expressions, equations, linear functions, and polynomials.  All of the topics follow the guidelines of the Florida Standards for the End of Course Exam.

    Students will incorporate algebraic techniques while performing Geometry and Statistics.  These topics will help apply structure to the student’s learning process and further prepare them for the future.

    The primary objective is not to teach the student how to solve problems but teach the mathematical concepts & properties that can be applied to real-world scenarios.


    Students are evaluated by the following criteria:

    • QSMA: County wide assessments.
    • Quizzes: This includes definition quizzes that are given on every chapter along with any unannounced quiz. Parents should review definitions with their child every night
    • Assignments: This includes the class-work as well as the homework. Assignments are due the next class section unless told otherwise.
    • LC, Quizzes, Assignments: 45%
    • Study Guide: 10% (this includes additional review for each chapter before a test)
    • Test: 45% (this includes test given every chapter)

    If a student is absent they are required to complete the make-up.

    If a student misses a test, it is their responsibility to make up the test, if not, the grade is a zero.


    If a student is absent three days, they have three days after they return to school to have their work turned in for a grade.