• 6th Grade Math Syllabus


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    6th Grade:


    50% Tests, Projects & Binder Checks

    40% Classwork & Quizzes

    10% Homework (Weekly)

    • You can get whatever grade you want as long as you are wanting and willing to work in my class. You will not fail this class if you do your work, turn it in on time, and are present in class for all assignments.
    • Late Work=10 Pts Subtracted per Day
    • PENCILS ONLY! Work completed in Pen will not be accepted, MATH leads to mistakes happening and pens will be provided by me, if needed.
    • Absent: You have 1 day to turn in make-up work and it is your responsibility to gather your missed work from the bin.


    Active participation and regular attendance are essential components of a quality educational experience. If students are absent, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain make-up assignments from the bin and will be allowed one school day for each day absent to turn in required assignments. This policy does not automatically extend due-dates for long-term assignments or projects that were known about before the absence. Please let me know in advance of any planned absences due to travel or other events that might occur.


    1.Be on time, on task, & prepared to learn EVERYDAY.

    2.Respect the teacher, the classroom, other students and yourself.

    3.Be responsible for your own learning. Be in Class, Not Absent!

    4.Clean up after yourself and your peers.

    5.Keep all personal electronics put AWAY!



    1st Offense: Warning and Conference

    2nd Offense: Buddy Break/Seat Change (Parent Contact)

    3rd Offense: Refer to Student Services (Parent Contact)

    4th Offense: Referral



    • Entering: Turn in homework/missing work/ make-up work into your class bin, copy down agenda in your planner, and begin your Bell Work!

    • Instruction: Stay in your seat unless you have permission or for activities. Group buckets have borrowed writing utensils for classroom use and need to be replaced before you can leave. You will be graded for your participation in your groups because in the workplace, we as adults have to work together.  

    • Leaving: When the bell rings, you will be released when your group has cleared their area and all borrowed materials are in the group buckets. You will place your exit slip in the correct folder on the way out the door.

          **Tests can be made up once, but a time will have to be set up within a week of the test given back to the student.



    A necessity for you to pass not only my class, but the school year is to be in class everyday. If possible, make appointments after school hours, early release days, and school holidays.I want to see your face everyday in my classroom to help your grow academically!