• 7th grade English Language Arts Syllabus

    Course Syllabus

    Ms. Apple Room 4-204




    This class includes writing, reading, grammar, listening, language, literature, viewing, and speaking.  This class incorporates research and critical thinking, with an emphasis placed on the various forms of expository writings such as process, description, narration, comparison, analysis, persuasion, and argumentation.  There will be required essays written in class as well as outside of class.  To increase the reading comprehension students are required to have an Acceleration Reader fiction or non-fiction book. Cell phones will not be permitted to access reading books in the classroom.  The testing of the reading comprehension will be part of their classroom grade each quarter.


    • A binder with loose leaf aper for taking notes.   This needs to be brought to school EVERY day.
    • A duo tang folder for A/R reading logs and scores.
    • Pencils
    • Text book (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt "Florida Collections").  Textbook will remain in the classroom, unless an assignment requires it at home.


    Report Card and Interim Grades:

    90%-100% = A

    80%-89% = B

    70%-79% = C

    60%-69% = D

    59% and below = F

    Assignment Values/Weights:

    *10% Homework

    *50% Daily class assignments, A/R, quizzes and CRL's (Close Reading Lessons), RWA's (Reading/Writing Assessments)

    *40% Tests, Projects and Presentations


    Procedures for Homework and Absences:

    Homework Policy:  Late work will not be accepted for the assignment.  When assignments are written on the whiteboard and on the web page, a due date is assigned.  Students are expected to check the assignments scheduled and turn in the assigned work before the due date or on time.  

    Procedures for Absences:  Work not previously assigned to student will be given to student upon returning to school and due at the time that is equal to the number of days absent or forwarded to guidance for parental collection if student will be absent for an extended time and the work is to be completed and turned in upon returning.  


    Preparation for Class:  After student enters the classroom, they must go to their assigned seat, unpack materials needed for class, and put back pack in designated area.  The student will then start their bell work. 


    My Expectations:

    All students come to class ready to learn.  Students will be expected to participate in classroom discussions and assignments.  I expect every student to work diligently on their assignments and turn them in on time.  There will be a substantial amount of writing.  I expect every student to be respectful at all times, keeping their hands to themselves, and to make good decisions always.  I will not tolerate vulgarity in my classroom.


    Classroom Rules:

    Our class is based on the CARE philosophy:

    • Conduct
    • Attendance
    • Respect
    • Effort

    Five Golden Guidelines:

    1. Be on time and where you are supposed to be
    2. Be prepared and on task.
    3. Ask for what you need.
    4. Strive for excellence and always do your best.
    5. Respect the rights, responsibility, and property of others.





    Consequences result because you choose not to conduct yourself as expected.  Please make good choices.  You are responsible for the above expectations.   If you are unable to make appropriate choices the following steps will be followed:

    Step One:     Verbal Warning

    Step Two:     parent contact

    Step Three:   Parent contact/ detention

    Step Four:    Referral to Discipline office