Planning and Governmental Relations

  • This is a multidisciplinary department with long- and short-range planning responsibilities that are enabled by Chapters 163 and 1013, F.S. – See Ch. 163.3177(6)(a) 7., 163.31777, 163.3180 and 1013.33 of the Florida Statutes.


    Long-range planning responsibilities include

    • Planning for the district’s educational plant and support facility needs, and facilitating real estate transactions to acquire or dispose of real property.
    • Coordinating with local governments regarding capital improvement planning related to future school sites.
    • Analyzing school enrollment and residential development trends and identifying potential locations for future school sites.
    • Reviewing Future Land Use Map amendments to Local Government Comprehensive Plans and providing comments regarding potential impacts to schools.
    • Providing staff analysis and support to the Public School Advisory Committee regarding attributes of potential new school sites.

    Short-range, or current, planning responsibilities are

    • Interacting with the development community to evaluate student impacts, with regard to phasing and build-out, for proposed residential projects.
    • Coordinating with local governments on school capacity impacts attributable to residential development.
    • Coordinating with local governments on infrastructure impacts and responsibilities associated with new school construction.
    • Attending Local Government site plan review or development review committee meetings to monitor student impacts attributable to proposed residential site plans and subdivision plats.

    Marion District School Concurrency Specifics

    Per the Marion County Second Amended and Restated Interlocal Agreement for Public School Facility Planning and School Concurrency (ILA):

    • School concurrency is effectively implemented on a district-wide basis by way of two Concurrency Service Areas (CSAs) at each school level. See
      Planning & Concurrency Documents, Interlocal Agreement (ILA): Appendix A - CSA maps.
    • The adopted Level of Service Standards are based on Permanent Capacity, and are 105% for Elementary, 105% for Middle and 100% for High School.
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