• Hello parents and students! Welcome to 4th grade! I know all of this can be very overwhelming, however, with patience, understanding and working together I know we can succeed. I will be teaching two classes this year. One online (math and science)  and one face to face (math and science).  If you are online I will be your homeroom teacher. Please sign on every morning to begin your day with me.  Ms. Hernandez will be teaching ELA and Social Studies in the second part of the day. Please make sure you visit her site for more information. 

    Contact info:


    Phone: 352-671-6060 ext 54353

    Office hours: 2:30pm -3:00pm Monday-Friday


    Parents, communication is important. I am using ClassDojo. The code is provided below. Please clink on the link below to sign up! 

    MCPS Online ClassDojo (Only use this code if you are doing MCPS Online) 



    Welcome to 4th Grade Power Point


     MCPS Online Schedule 4th Grade 2020-2021