• Hello parents and students! Welcome to online learning! I know all of this can be very overwhelming, however, with patience, understanding and working together I know we can succeed. Below is the information that I hope helps in your understanding on how to get started. 

    Contact info:


    Phone: 352-671-6060 ext 54353 (I will be working from home for the majority of time so the best way to contact me is via email or the Remind app, info below)

    Office hours: 11-12pm and 1-2 PM 


    Parents, communication is important. I am using the remind app as a communication tool. This can be used similar as texting. If you have any questionsplease let me know. I will be sending out information via this method.  

    To get remind by student homeroom 

    Grubbs HR Text: @8fkg4c to 81010 

    Getsee HR Text @27g8g2 to 81010 

    McGowan HR Text @3gb9gk to 81010

    Please make sure you include your childs name so I know who belongs to who. :) 

    Online Learning 

    First download google chrome: 


    Google classroom will be the main place where assignments will be shared. From there you will be directed to ThinkCentral to complete assignment.  

    Googleclass room can be found on the students portal. Go to https://desktop.marion.k12.fl.us/LoginPolicy.jsp to log into student portal. Students use this on a regular basis and know how to log in.  

    Google classroom- Join a class. This is based on the student’s homeroom.  

    Math Getsee HR- mvluxn2 

    Math Grubbs HR- 6fyshzm 

    Math McGowan HR- pf4zqh6 


    Class Assignments: 

    All class assignments will be posted on Monday morning by 9:00am. The students have till Sunday at 11:59am to complete. Each week three tasks will be posted on this website AND the students google classroom. 

    We will be using ThinkCentral for most assignments. This program can be found on the students portal. If it is not on their desktop, search for it by using the magnifying glass on the top left side of the desktop. 

    Once on ThinkCentral:  Click on “Things to do” then click on assignment to complete. 

    There will be three assignments a week. Once complete you may mark complete. You do not have to wait till Sunday at 11:59pm.  


    Iready must be done weekly. Iready can be found on the student desktop. You must get 45 mins a week with a lesson past. From time to time, I will assign a lesson through Iready.  


     Each Monday morning a packet will be left at the school to be completed. Please finish ALL assignments by Sunday evening and send me a picture of completed work through the remind app above for math. THIS IS TO ONLY BE COMPLETED BY THOSE NOT ABLE TO ACCESS ONLINE LEARNING. 


     Attendance Ms. Getsee’ s HOMEROOM ONLY! : Attendance is still a requirement of this course. In order to take attendance any student who has been in my homeroom will go to their google classroom and answer a morning question. This question is a fun good morning question and WILL NOT be graded. This will allow me to mark present those who are participating. 

    SPECIAL AREAS- PE, ART, and Music. ALL students will have assignments in each area. Please check teachers website for more info on these teachers assignments. 

    Music- Herring

    Art- Flores

    PE- Maxwell. 


    Please check back here on a regular basis for new assignments and any other information. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!  

    Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.).  These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms.  If you do not want your child’s image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.