Ms. Becky Flores

Phone: (352) 639-5598


Degrees and Certifications:

--Bachelors Degree of Science in Art, Art education minor, James Madison University, Virginia 1989 --Associates Degree in Liberal Arts General Studies, University of Maryland , Munich, Germany , 1984

Ms. Becky Flores

Hello,   I am Ms. Flores.  This is my 27th year educating students in art concepts, media, and art history.   I had a Navy "brat" childhood which included living mostly in Florida but also we lived in Texas, California, Virginia in the U.S. then we moved overseas to Spain, Germany and Italy. In Germany,  I achieved an Associates Degree in Liberal arts from the University of Maryland. Living in Munich for three semesters, while my parents were in Spain,  I traveled to the Chech republic, which was then called Chechoslovakia,  I also went to Yugoslavia to study karst topography (just like the lime rock under Florida) in what is now called Croatia. Another travel adventure included digging fossils by splitting layers of rock from millions of years ago in a place called Solenhoffen in Germany; It is the area that unearthed a famous fossilized "bird-lizard" called Archaeopteryx.   My main interests at that time were Drawing, Geology and going to the opera in several of Munich's phenomenal opera houses.  With my A.A. in hand,  and my parents headed back stateside,  I attended James Madison University where I was encouraged to continue to study art when I presented my drawing portfolio.   Within a year,  I decided to study art education where I learned about the history of education in America and the phychology of children all while refining my art experiences in ceramics, paper-making, weaving and watercolor painting.   Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Art during an economic downturn, I persevered by working various jobs in an art store, a clothing store and a flower shop to land an opportunity to finally teach art in a large Maryland suburb.  Over the thirteen years in Maryland, I taught elementary and middle school art as well as high school photography and ceramics.   In 2006 I moved back to Florida to live closer to my family where I began teaching in Marion county at Dr. N.H. Jones Elementary before making my way to Sparr where I have been happily since. 

As an educator,  I work to offer every opportunity for each student to learn, to enjoy artistic expression and to do their own best.


To contact me:  via email or by calling 352-671-6060  X53435