• Curriculum Map- Please look at this.  It contains our math curriculum for the entire school year.

    Microsoft Teams- Students will have a class notebook, do assignments and take quizzes on this program. 

    Go Math Books Florida - 5th Grade

    I - Ready Math 5th Grade Online and I Ready Books- I Ready is a math program that we use on line.  We take Diagnostic Test 3 times a year. 

    Education Galaxy- Math Program that I purchased and we use in class.  It is an online program.

    Think Central- We may use this program as well.  

    QSMA #1, QMSMA #2, QSMA #3, QSMA #4- Quarterly Assessments

    FSA- End of the Year Assessment


    30%- Classwork, quizzes- Kickstart Day 5

    20% - Participation 

    50% - Test and Assessment- Standard Check and Teacher Made Test

    Standard Focus Board




    Lesson Goal: 

    Check for Understanding: