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Degrees and Certifications:

Certifications: 5-9 Math, LA, SS, Science, Degrees and Certifications: Bachelor of Science - Behavior Specialist Bachelor of Arts - Education 8th grade Activities Committee 8th grade Dance Sun Shine Committee

Mrs. Stanley

I am so excited for us this year! T Why do I teach in this unigue area, here is the reason, I asked my students today why they liked having me as their teacher and one said, “Because when no one else loves us, you still do.” What do you say after that statement? I may not have all the answers when questions arise, but what matters most in the eyes of my students is the fact that I will love, nurture and – hopefully – along the way, educate them. I truly believe when a child is accepted for who they are and learn to love themselves, they will let down their walls and want to learn.


For pretty much all of my growing-up years, I was told I wouldn’t amount to much, so why try? No child should hear that. However, I had a 6th grade teacher tell me that she believed that I could change the world if I wanted to, so I held onto that and made it my mission to do just that. That became my adventure.


I started with my children.  From the time my first born came into this world, to the students who are in my classroom today, I have tried to make sure that they will be or are successful. I home-schooled my three children until they entered high school.  Yes, home-school gets a bad rap, but my oldest is a Golden Apple recipient and taught in the IB program is now the IB program coordinator at Vanguard High, the youngest has moved to a new possition with Best Buy coporation, traveling all over the United States teaching new management in the Magnolia Centers and my middle daughter is a mother of five, and she, too, home-schools all five of her children and all three received an all-expense paid scholarship to college.


In 1995, I joined the staff of First Assembly Christian School, where I created an art curriculum and began teaching art classes, K-5 through 8th grade, as well as yearbook and photography electives.  Photography included teaching students to develop their own negatives and hand-color black and white photos. Each year I continued to teach art, but by the time I left First Assembly in 2002, I had taught kindergarten, 5th-8th grade Science, 8th grade History, and 6-8th Math, requiring me to move yearbook and photography to voluntary afterschool programs.


At the end of the 2002 school year,  I felt I needed a change but wasn’t sure what I wanted to teach, so when I saw the classroom sub position available here at North Marion Middle, I thought it would give me the opportunity to get a feel of what “public middle school” was all about. As a classroom sub, and because of my diverse teaching background, I was able to enter my colleagues’ classrooms and continue their lesson plans as if they were teaching themselves. Little did I know that I would not only fall in love with my school and the children attending, but I would be given the chance to serve in every aspect of what matters most.


Now I have a new adventure on an old pathway: Room 343 is where I open the most special North Marion Middle School minds every day to new explorations. These escapades are not always educational, but they are definitely a learning experience for all who enter my classroom. I truly believe that, “every child is gifted, they just unwrap different gifts at different times.”