• Agenda for the Week of August 19th to the 23rd 

    Monday 8/19: Review Rules & Procedures and Summer Reading 

    Tuesday 8/20: Citing Textual Evidence-Oreo Notes 

    Wednesday 8/21: Citing Textual Evidence-Oreo Group work 

    Thursday 8/22:Citing Textual Evidence-Oreo Task Cards 

    Friday 8/23: Citing Textual Evidence-Oreo  Task Cards 

  • Agenda for the Week of August 12th to the 16th 

    Monday 8/12: Ice Breaker and Get to Know You

    Tuesday 8/13: Create All about me powerpoints

    Wednesday 8/14: Continue working on All about me powerpoints

    Thursday 8/15: Baseline Writing Assignment 

    Friday 8/16: Baseline Writing Assignment