Literary Terms to Know




    North Marion Middle School




    Contact Information:

    Mr. John Martin

    Email:   John.Martin@marion.k12.fl.us

    Phone:  (352) 671-6035 Ext: 56287


    1. Course Description

    The purpose of this course is to help prepare 8th grade students for college and career and readiness by using texts of high complexity, integrated language arts study in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language.


    2. Classroom Expectations – “Expect the Best!”

    • Be Prompt
      • Please arrive on time and be in your seat when the bell rings.
    • Be Prepared
      • Come to class with all required materials and completed assignments.
    • Be Polite
      • Show respect for yourself, your classmates, and your teacher; honor the Colt Creed.
    • Be Productive
      • Make the best use of your time in class and engage in all classroom activities with a positive attitude. Remember: YOU are responsible for your own learning.


    3. Required Materials

    In order to be successful, students must come prepared to class with all required materials and assignments. Students must bring the following materials with them to class each day:

    • loose-leaf notebook paper
    • pencils
    • binder
    • AR book


     4. Grading Plan

    Letter grades will be assigned based on the following scale:

    A   =   90-100%                                                 D = 60-69%

    B   =   80-89%                                                    F = 59% and below

    C   =   70-79%


    Course components will be weighted as follows:



    Classwork, Quizzes, and CRLs/RWAs


    Tests, Projects, Papers, and Presentations



    5. Homework and Late Work Policy

    Homework may be assigned when the teacher feels it is needed to help the studetns master standards. Late work will NOT be accepted. Parents will be able to monitor students’ grades and missing assignments via the parent portal.


    6. Make-up Work Policy (Absences ONLY)

    Students are responsible for retrieving any missed assignments. All make-up assignments will be posted in the classroom. Students failing to complete an assignment due to an excused absence will be given two days to complete make-up work. Students failing to complete an assignment due to an unexcused absence must submit their work on the day they return to class. In the case of an advanced absence, students must make it a priority to meet with the teacher to obtain any assignments prior to their absence.


    7. Accelerated Reader (AR) Policy

    AR is a progress monitoring program that provides reading practice in order for students to accelerate their reading skills. Each quarter students will be assigned an AR reading goal for the total amount of points read as well as the average percent correct (must be at least an average of 85% or higher) they receive on their AR quizzes. These goals will be recorded as two homework grades, at the midway point and end of each quarter. In consideration of meeting these quarterly goals, students must have an AR book with them at all times and should be reading at least 20 minutes per night at home.


    8. Electronic Use Policy

    Unless otherwise specified by the teacher, electronics (cell phones, tablets, etc.) need to be put away and remain out of sight for the duration of the class period. However, there may be circumstances in which the teacher will allow students to take notes using the Evernote app on their phones or permit students to read e-books on their phones. If students are found to be utilizing their electronic devices for something other than what is allowed, they will lose their electronic device privileges in class.


    9. Housekeeping Items

    • No candy, gum, food, or drink in the classroom. Water is permitted as long as it has a cap to prevent spills.
    • Each student will be issued six (5) bathroom passes per quarter. Students must receive the teacher’s permission and signature on their pass prior to leaving the classroom.
    • Students will remain seated until they have the teacher’s permission to get up and walk around the room to sharpen pencils, get paper, etc.
    • Students will be allowed to visit the Media Center at the teacher’s discretion and will receive a Media Center pass signed by the teacher. No more than three (3) students will be permitted to leave class for the Media Center at one time.


    10. Communication

    There are several ways to establish and maintain contact with the teacher throughout the school year:

    • Telephone
    • Email (preferred method)
    • Classroom Website
      • Visit my classroom website for updates, downloadable documents, and other important information
      • Go to www.marionschools.net/nms
      • Hover over “Faculty & Staff” at the top of the page
      • Select “Faculty Directory”  
      • Click on Mr. Martin's name