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  • I love math!

    Hello!  This page is an important resource for my class - please bookmark it and check back often!

    Entering Algebra students - use Khan Academy's Pre-Algebra page (LINK) to review fractions, decimals, negative numbers, and equations.  These skills are vital to your success in Algebra Honors.

    Enering Geometry students - look at Khan Academy's Basic Geometry page (LINK) and try the course challenge to preview some of the Geometry topics we will experience this year.  You should also review the same topics as the "Entering Algebra students" above, since those skills are frequently used in this course.

    MATHCOUNTS hopefuls - reviewing both/either of the above is a great idea.  Please also check out the MATHCOUNTS tab to review eligibility and tryout information.

    Love math?  Enjoy competitions?  Need a challenge beyond what a classroom can offer?  You should consider MATHCOUNTS!  Check out the "MATHCOUNTS" link on the left side of the page to learn more!


    Make sure you are signed up for my Remind messaging!

    Algebra students & families:  Text @DRLALG to 81010.

    Geometry students & families:  Text @DRLGEO to 81010.

    My class schedule for the 2019-2020 school year:

    1. Geometry Honors
    2. Algebra Honors
    3. Geometry Honors
    4. Algebra Honors
    5. Algebra Honors
    6. Algebra Honors

    My activities schedule for the 2019-2020 school year:

    • Academic Team: Alternating Mondays until 5:15 pm
    • MATHCOUNTS: Every Tuesday until 5:00pm (Starts late August/early September)
    • Civil Air Patrol: TBD later in August

    Pick-up for all of my after-school activities will be in the bus loop at the listed end time.  

    Absent?  Check the planbook!

    Click the "Assignment Calendar / Planbooks" link to the left to view my teacher planbook pages.  Please check the "Absent?" section of the planbook entry to make sure you didn't miss something important.

    Contact me @ William.Lockley@marion.k12.fl.us