Welcome to WHAP, World History Advanced Placement! Over the course of this year our primary content emphasis will span from the rise of civilizations through  modern day history. We will study how geography, economics, government, citizenship, leadership, culture, technology and global relations have impacted the different aspects of our society. Students will participate in a more rigorous academic and reflective setting, as this is a college level course.  The culmination of this course will be an Advanced Placement Exm in May that will determine the level of college credit you will receive for passing this course and exam to be applied at a college or university. 

    If AP course work is not your route, no worries! I will also be teaching World History Honors. This particular course will cover topics from the ancient world through current history. We will study how geography, economics, government, citizenship, leadership, culture, technology and global relations have impacted the different aspects of our society. Students will participate in a more rigorous academic and reflective setting than a standard level high school history course. 

                This course is designed to highlight the strengths of each student by acknowledging each student’s different learning styles. The ability to read and write are life skills that when used improves all other academic skills. Reading and writing will be skills utilized every day in our class.

                I will be available for extra help when needed. Please feel free to set up an appointment.

    “It’s our CHOICES that show us what we truly are, far more than our ABILITIES”

    -Albus Dumbledore


     WHAP Modern : Syllabus 2019-2020

     HONORS WORLD : Syllabus

    Required Materials:

    -Writing Utensils (pens and pencils)

    -   Loose Leaf Paper

    - 3-ring Binder with pockets

    - Divider tabs 

    -  Highlighters- Yellow, Green, Pink [one of each]


    Classroom Policies and Practices:


    Grading Scale: This scale is established by the Marion County Public School System. Grades are not the most important part of this course, but I realize that you will probably worry about them occasionally. You can always talk to me about these grades after school or during a scheduled meeting, but NOT during class time. You and your parents will have access to SKYWARD, but if your parents have any questions have them contact me by email.


    A= 90 to 100                                                          Classwork/Homework : 25%

    B= 80 to 89                                                           Quizzes: 25%

    C= 70 to 79                                                           Tests & Projects : 50%

    D= 60 to 69                                                           

    F= 59 and below                                                 


    (Work that is turned in and is ILLEGIBLE will not be graded)


    Participation: Students are expected to contribute to class discussions; this can only be done by coming to class prepared mentally as well as ready to work with proper materials.


    Class/Homework: Class work will consist of cooperative group work, individual work such as note taking or worksheets, essays, maps, guided readings, Pre-reading sections in the textbook, etc.


    9 Week Exams/ Tests: Every nine weeks there will be a nine week exam that will be cumulative, meaning that the exam will cover each topic that we have covered in that specific nine weeks. Unit tests will be held at the end of each unit. Specific dates will be provided on the class website.


    Quizzes: MOST quizzes will be announced but there will be some that will not be announced in advance.


    Projects: There will be multiple projects both individual as well as group throughout this course. The projects can be verbal presentations, written, or visual presentations; but are not limited to these formats.

     E.O.C. Reviews: We will be reviewing for our various benchmark assessments and major course exams weekly as well as at the end of every unit. 

    Absent and Late work Make up policies:

    Students are responsible for checking to see what they have missed. Students will need to check this course's website in order to find appropriate assignments/handouts that may have been missed. Work is considered late if it is not turned in at the beginning of their specific class period on the day that it is due. Students will have a maximum of 1 day to turn in missing work for credit for each day they are absent. Specific assignments or projects may be exceptions. Any changes will be updated here and in class. (Exceptions may occur with prior authorization)


    Classroom Behavior and Procedures:

    1. Classroom participation is extremely important and a major key to success in this course. To participate you must attend class having prepared the materials for the day. Questions and comments must be relevant to the topic at hand.
    2.  You are expected to be on time. Class starts promptly at the bell. You should be in your seat, with all materials out and ready to begin class at this time. Class ends with the dismissal bell. Packing up your things early is disruptive to others around you and to myself.
    3. Raise your hand to be recognized.
    4. Classroom discussion should be civilized and respectful to everyone and relevant to the topic we are discussing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Classroom discussion is meant to allow us to hear a variety of viewpoints. This can only happen if we respect each other and our differences.
    5. Any continued disruption of class will result in a report to the Dean of Students after an initial warning, and phone call home.
    6.  Technology will be used in class occasionally. Your technology access is a privilege, and may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the teacher. CELL PHONES & EARBUD/AIR PODS must be up at all times unless specifically needs for an assignment
    7. Since this is a college level course, the Honor Code will be strictly enforced. Students will be given a disciplinary referral for ALL Honor Code violations. In addition, parents will be notified and a zero will be given for that assignment.  COPYING SOMEONE’S HOMEWORK IS CHEATING.
    8. TESTS and ESSAYS CAN ONLY BE MADE UP DURING ALPHA TIME OR BEFORE OR AFTER SCHOOL. You will have to schedule an appointment if you need to make-up a test or in class essay.
    9. All work is due at the beginning of the period on the assigned due date.   NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.
    10. Above all FOLLOW THE WPHS Expectations.