Welcome to AP World History and Honors World History with Ms. Kistler!

  • As we sort through this exciting journey that is the creation and development of our world, get ready to learn more than you ever thought possible!



    Technology Policy: Students will be notified when personal technology is going to be used in class. Other wise students should be following the school policy on the acceptable usage of technology. A student's technology privilage may be revoked at the teacher's discresion. 

    Class Calendar: Contains due dates, assignment guidelines, and link to notes which contains all assignments in one uniform format. 

    Required Materials: 

    * 1.5- 2 Inch 3 Ring Binder with Pockets

    * Notebook Paper

    * Divider Tabs

    * Writing Utensils: Pens & Pencils

    * Highlighters- Multiple colors

    * Index cards


    - Tissues

    - Computer paper- for projects

    - Dry Erase Markers & Clean UNUSED Socks [To be used as dry erasers]



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