• Syllabus

    Mrs. J. Jones, Reading


    Instructional Goals

    My name is Mrs. Juanita S. Jones, I teach 50 minute Reading class. Students will receive instruction in Escalate or System 44 as well as alternate programs to meet each students needs.   My students will receive educational services with me according to their Individual Education Plan.  I teach Reading for all grade levels following the Florida State Standards.


    Needs and Resources

    To successfully complete this course, you will need textbooks for assigned grade level.  Students will not bring these books home.  I have a classroom set that we will work from together.


    Additional Print Resources

    • Extensive Classroom Library 
    • SRA Reading Labratory



    Policies and Procedures

    General Rules:

    Students will be responsible for their own behavior at all times.  Refer to the student handbook for NMMS rules and guidelines.

    Grading Policy:

    The Marion County grading scale is: 90 - 100 = A, 80 - 89 = B, 70 - 79 = C, 60 - 69 = D, 0 - 59 = F.  All test dates will be announced ahead of time.  Quizzes may or may not be announced beforehand.