• Language Arts Syllabus

    Mrs. Terri Galloway Lyons


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    Remind 81010 @nmmsway(your class period number) example 1st period - @nmmsway1 


    Language Arts Objective

    In Sixth Grade Language Arts, students will be challenged to improve skills in reading, composition, oral communication, and logical argument.  The grammatical, mechanical and syntactical skills of language are taught within the meaningful context of the writing process.


    Make-up Work Procedures

     If you are absent, you will have the number of days absent to make up work. I am available one  day after school for students who would like to make up missed work. Parents need to contact me in writing to make arrangements.   


    Required Daily Materials

    1 inch binder with dividers or Duo tang Folders

    1 Compositon book

    Notebook paper

    Pencils with erasers

    personal ear buds 

    colored pencils

    Wish List

    1st and 4th period - Kleenex

    2nd period - red and green pens

    3rd period - bottle of glue or sheet protectors 

    5th period - sandwich bags or Kleenex

    6th period – index cards 

    Classroom Expectations

    1.) Enter the classroom quietly.

    2.) Turn in homework and sharpen pencils.

    3.) Backpack on the wall or up under your desk

    4.) Quietly complete Bell Work.

    5.) Read or begin classwork

    Classroom Rules

    1)           Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    2)           No food, drinks or gum.

    3)           Remain in your seat and work quietly.

    4)           Respect yourself and others.

    5.)          Always do your BEST.

    Discipline Plan

    1)           Verbal warning

    2)           Time Out Desk (parent notified)

    3)           Time Out in another class (behavior infraction log and parent notified) 

    4)           Time Out in another class (behavior infraction log and parent notified)

    5)           Time Out in another class ( Electronic infraction, parent notified and Dean Referral)

    Grade Category

    Homework  10%

    Class Work, Quizzes 40%

    Tests, Projects, and Presentations  50%

    Grading Scale

    A           =             90-100

    B           =             80-89

    C           =             70-79

    D           =             60-69

    F            =         59 and below


    -          Homework will be assigned weekly. Homework will help reinforce skills we are working on in class. Homework will also consist of incomplete classwork.

    -          Class work – will be completed in their notebook and will be submitted when requested by teacher.  Late classwork will be reduced 10 points for each day late.

    -          Projects are creative extensions from literature and writing assignments that will include performances, essays, and speeches.

     -             Quizzes will generally assess mastery of essential skills taught during the unit.

    -         Tests will assess reading comprehension, writing fluency, and grammar  

    Remind Application 

      WHAT IS REMIND AND WHY IS IT SAFE?  Remind is a free, safe, and messaging tool that helps teachers share behavior concerns, classwork and homework assignments with students & parents. Parents text number 81010 with the following

    First Period        @nmmsway1

    Second Period    @nmmsway2

    Third Period       @nmmsway3

    Fourth Period     @nmmsway4

    Fifth Period.       @nmmsway5

    Sixth Period.      @nmmsway6