Ms. Dee Reedy



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Dee Reedy

Dee Reedy has been teaching for over thirty years with more than twenty of those years in Marion County at North Marion High School. She grew up in West Covina, California and took classes at the local community college while working full time to save money to transfer to a four year college. She next attended Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas where she graduated with a major in biology. She worked for 13 years in Covina, California and then moved to Ocala and began working at North Marion High.


Ms. Reedy has worked to develop the industrial biotechnology program at North Marion High. She collaborated on a grant from NSF with the University of Florida to help develop the high school standards for the state of Florida. With this grant, the North Marion program received over $15,000 worth of equipment.  North Marion has continued to receive grants to expand the equipment available in the biotechnology program obtaining equipment normally seen on the college level. She has also taught AICE Biology, a college level course, for 10 years with a good student pass rate for a very difficult test. 


Ms. Reedy has two children, Jack and Deana and five grandchildren (Camden, Jack, Cohen, Katherine, and Landry) and two dogs (C.J. and Daisy). She enjoys swimming, camping, nature walks and working outside.