• Welcome to Geometry
    Ms. Plumlee
    Our goal is to pass the Geometry EOC!! 
    Materials Needed Grading Scale Grading System
    - 3 ring binder                                                                          A 90-100                         Tests/Projects: 60%
    - Dividers                                                                                  B 80-89                           Homework:10%
    - Pencil/Paper                                                                          C 70-79                            Quizzes/Foldables: 30%
    - Spiral notebook                                                                     D 60-69
                                                                                                      F 0-59
    1. Students will start class with a bell ringer.
    2. Must have a ticket to leave class.
    3. When leaving class, sign out on the clipboard by the door.
    4. Make-up tests and quizzes will be done before or after school.
    5. Food and drink are allowed in class.
    Classroom Rules
    1. Have all materials at your desk and be seated when bell rings and start on bellringer.
    2. Respect all people, equipment, and furnishings in your room
    3. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    4. No cursing, profanity, or saying “Shut-up”.
    5. Observe all rules in the student handbook.
    If You Choose To Break A Rule
    - 1st time – Warning
    - 2nd time – Time-out in room/Write paper
    - 3rd time – Time-out in another room/Write paper/Call home
    - 4th time - Referral
    - Severe disruptions-Sent immediately to Dean’s office.