Mr. Natera

Phone: (352) 291 - 4000


Degrees and Certifications:

School Chemical Engineering (Universidad del Atlantico: Barranquilla-Colombia) Mathematics Professional Teacher Certification

Mr. Natera

"I’m a regular guy who decided to become a teacher to inspire young people to be smart and great"

 Mario Natera.


I was born in Barranquilla-Colombia. I graduated from the Universidad del Atlántico School of Chemical Engineering. I worked as a teacher in a Technical Institution in Colombia before I moved to the United States eleven years ago. After working three years as a teacher with the Marion County School district I currently hold a Professional Certification in Mathematics.


It wasn’t until in my first semester at the university my Chemistry 1 teacher, Carlos Garrido, (an excellent and inspiring teacher) made me say to myself: “I could do this, I could become a teacher, a teacher like him who loves teaching and inspiring his students to learn”.


I love helping my students to reach higher levels of knowledge and understanding, not only for math, but also for their lives.