Mr. Natera's Math Page

  • “If you set your goals high enough, success will reach you”

     Mario Natera.


    I believe success is a journey in which you enjoy what you do every day of your life.  High school is one of those stages of your journey and an excellent opportunity for students to enjoy the learning experience all we can offer. 


    This course of Math for College Readiness is targeted for students who are not yet “college ready” in mathematics or simply need some additional instruction in content to prepare them for success in college level mathematics. Florida Math for College Readiness provides a fourth-year math curriculum focused on developing the mastery of skills identified as critical to postsecondary readiness in math.


    Course topics include solving equations with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; fractions and decimals; inequalities; functions and sequences; systems of equations; polynomials; factoring quadratic equations; rational expressions; and data analysis.


    I wish all my students the best of luck hoping this school year is another step forward towards your excellence, and having faith that you will have the initiative of aim to higher education institutions to keep climbing the mountain of life and reach the summit of success.



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