Algebra 1

  • Syllabus for my courses:

    Algebra 1 (Periods 1, 2, 3, 4, 6): Will be uploaded soon. Please check back.

    Pre-AICE Math 1 (AICE program equivalent of Algebra 1 honors) (Period 5 only): Will be uploaded soon. Please check back.


    What does GBO mean?

    • Many of my classwork assignments are "GBO" which stands for "Graded By Observation." Students will earn a daily grade based on their effort and/or participation in class. They can then take home their classwork (which often includes notes and new learning) and use it as a guide for completing their homework or to review it more closely.


    • Most of our lessons are a mix of problem solving, discussion about thinking strategies, and possibly a story or real-life example that makes a connection between the lesson and how the student can expect to use (or see) this in life. Copying and working questions from the board may be a part of the lesson, but students should not expect to get a full grade if they are not showing attention or participation in the larger ideas being learned in class.


    • I will redirect any student who needs a reminder to stay on task. Students who continue to remain off task will then receive a grade based on the amount of attention and effort they gave to the overall assignment. Students have been reminded that all GBO points must be earned and will not be given just for showing up to class or going through the motions of looking busy.


    • My observation of student work is tailored to the specific needs and personalities of each student. I take into account ESE accommodations. I also account for students who have quiet personalities who might not volunteer answers or to work out questions in front of the class.