AICE General Paper and English III


    Good morning English III students! 


    All of your assignments for this week will continue on this website. I will be moving the assignments to microsoft teams in the near future. 



    Here is the syllabus for English III.






    ALL STUDENTS-   We will be using Microsoft Teams to:   View our assignments,   Upload assignments and  correspond with your teacher and classmates.  It is essential that you understand how to access your microsoft teams.   If you have not already please click on the link and view the tutorial on Microsoft Teams.

     (click link below)

    Microsoft Teams Training


      If you have additional questions please feel free to email me

    This class will no longer be using google classroom.  The NEW platform is Microsoft Teams. 


    ONLINE/VIRTUAL STUDENTS -  Please email me if you if have accessed the platform Microsoft Teams and is ready AUGUST 24TH  for your Online meeting via Microsoft Teams video  Each meeting will be held during your your scheduled class time and you will need AUDIO and VIDEO.   Please email me if you will have a problem with audio & video for the online meeting. 


    All Students: - Click the side bar link that displays your class name to view your class assignments and updates.


    As always please contact me by email or you may call me during school hours at 353-671-6010, or after 6 PM at 352-373-4066 and I will be glad to assist you.  Please leave a message. Include your name, period, and a return phone number.