AICE General Paper and English III

  • ATTENTION AICE GENERAL PAPER STUDENTS. Read this week's assignments for information about AGP Final Exam this week! 


    Good morning English III and AICE General Paper students! Please continue to e-mail me daily or every other day for attendance. When I don't hear from you for three days, I mark you absent. 


    All of your assignments for this week will continue on this website. You are doing a good job of getting your weekly assignments by clicking assignments. Be sure you are getting the correct assignment for AGP or English III. (A few students in AGP did the English III writing assignment. Oops!) 


    When you turn in your assignment by e-mail, it needs to be attached in a Word document. In other words, I cannot open a google docs. attachment and I will have to send it back to you. 


    Some of my students have taken a picture of their completed assignments and sent that by e-mail. That works well. 


    Keep up the good work. Keep checking the assignment section. Check the grade book. I have entered three assignments so far. 


    English III: 

    1. The Crucible Character Motivation handout

    2.  The Crucible Type of character - evidence (static or dynamic) 

    3. Argumentative essay - See prompt in the assignment section


    AICE General Paper: 

    1. Hamlet Character handout 

    2. Hamlet themes - reality vs. appearance (handout) 

    3. Informational writing on Hamlet - see the prompt in the assignment section