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Mrs. Blackburn

Hello. I teach 11th grade American Literature, (English III), and 12th grade AICE General Paper. I have been in the teaching profession for almost thirty years and have  taught at North Marion High for twenty.  

Please look for this week's three assignments tomorrow, Wednesday, April 1, 2020. I plan to have the assignments posted by the end of the school day. 


Attention Students: I need you to e-mail me daily, or at least every other day and let me know you are working on the assignments. If I do not hear from you for three days in a row, I will mark you as absent. 

My e-mail:


PLEASE NOTE: It is a capital D and a lowercase c, followed by a dot. It is a capital B for Burkett and the rest of Burkett is lower case. It is a capital B for Blackburn and the rest of Blackburn is lower case. Remember the hyphen in Burkett-Blackburn.