• Automotive and Light Repair Syllabus

    2019 – 2020

    Instructor Information

    Instructor:  Mr. Bentley ASE Master tech

    Email:  Isaac.bentley@marion.k12.fl.us

    North Marion High School

    151 W Hwy 329 Citra FL 32113

    8 am till 3:30

    Monday thru Friday will be on campus 

      Feel free to email anytime for assignment help

    General Information

    This course is designed as an entry level course to introduce students to the wonderful world of automobiles. This course is a full year course in which students will be awarded 1 full credit for successfully completing.

    Students are expected to be here on time and ready to go to work every day. Students are to be respectful to me and everyone around them. Students are required to complete an OSHA safety training course and pass the test with a minimum score of 100%. Students are required to have a signed, by both parent and student, safety contract.  Students are required to wear the proper safety attire at all times. Students are required to keep all work in a folder and will be graded on that work which will be kept here for safe keeping. The folder will remain with me after the school year to aide in placement for next year.

    The Goals are numerous as we are a certified program by NATEF and must adhere to state standards assigned to this course. Upon completion of this course, students may if they choose, move on to upper level automotive training and can actually receive industry certification.

    Course Materials

    Required Materials

    Closed toed shoes: No flip flops, slides, or open toe sandals

    ŸDuotang folder with pockets and clips. No big binders or notebooks as it will be used only for this class

    Standard notebook paper, pencil or pen

    Course Schedule


     Week 1 Aug 24th

    course sign ups and school expectations and course expectations.

    Enroll in CDX program and Sp2.org safety program.