• Automotive and Light Repair Syllabus

    2019 – 2020

    Instructor Information

    Instructor:  Mr. Bentley ASE Master tech

    Email:  Isaac.bentley@marion.k12.fl.us

    North Marion High School

    151 W Hwy 329 Citra FL 32113

    8 am till 12:00

    Monday ,  Wednesday will be on campus

    Tuesday, Thursday and Friday can be reached by email.   Feel free to email anytime for assignment help

    General Information

    This course is designed as an entry level course to introduce students to the wonderful world of automobiles. This course is a full year course in which students will be awarded 1 full credit for successfully completing.

    Students are expected to be here on time and ready to go to work every day. Students are to be respectful to me and everyone around them. Students are required to complete an OSHA safety training course and pass the test with a minimum score of 100%. Students are required to have a signed, by both parent and student, safety contract.  Students are required to wear the proper safety attire at all times. Students are required to keep all work in a folder and will be graded on that work which will be kept here for safe keeping. The folder will remain with me after the school year to aide in placement for next year.

    The Goals are numerous as we are a certified program by NATEF and must adhere to state standards assigned to this course. Upon completion of this course, students may if they choose, move on to upper level automotive training and can actually receive industry certification.

    Course Materials

    Required Materials

    Closed toed shoes: No flip flops, slides, or open toe sandals

    ŸDuotang folder with pockets and clips. No big binders or notebooks as it will be used only for this class

    Standard notebook paper, pencil or pen

    Course Schedule

     4/7/2020 CDX learning ASE 6 Electrical section 1 should be completed. I have already started posting grades.

    Asignments are posted in the grade book for those of you that want to work ahead but dont rush just to get it done! Great opertunity to get a great grade and

    boost your GPA.

    I miss you all

    There is an error on the end of chapter questions, So for now we are not doing them until I can get a solution.

    Please do not rush and take the test yet till I make a review for you to study.

    If you made below an 80% on any of the quiz's you took please take your time and redo them. 

    There are flash cards at the end of ASE 6 chapter 50. There are 50 of them answer 15 till you get them all right. We will progress slowly so that hopefully you will retain this all important knowledge.

    We will move through all 50 and they will be due next Friday. This will be a great review before our chapter test. 


     4/15/20  Now its time for some learning fun.


    Log in and on this platform you can build DC circuits from simple to wild. Your first assignment is to create a simple series circuit with 12V a switch and a light bulb.

    Screen shot it and email it to me so I can see your handy work. For now keep it simple follow my instructions.

    Due 4/17/20 

     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZKfPzawKms   Please view this tutorial how to use the DC simulator. 

    Due 4/17/20

     Ok a lot of you have checked in but that is all,and some have even checked in and jumped right on work and told me they were finished but when I check they havent even enrolled in the course. Being dishonest is not a good tag to carry around. 

    The 5 sections on CDX are due and that is the only thing you should concern yourself with! 

    The 50 flash cards are due this week and if one more person tells me they have done them one more time and they havent you will be required to type out the answers and send them to me. This is to help you on the chapter test which will be done on Friday. You only get one chance at this test. I cant change it reset it you are stuck with the grade you get so please do your best.

    Check your grades on the portal if you have zeros fix it now. Go to this website daily for further instructions.

    Ase 6 Chapter 50 test due Friday 4/24/20 Take your time and do your best. Study those flash cards, and lets shoot for a 100% grade. You can only take the test one time! Review the test before you actually take

    it. Find the answers to the questions your not sure of.

    Thank you all who have made an effort to make this work.

     5/5/20   A lot of you submitted a simple circuit picture from the DC simulator and most were pretty wild . Somehow we missed the focus on what a simple series circuit is. I want you to build a simple circuit on the DC simulator with 1 12volt battery, a light bulb, and a switch to turn it on and off. Remember to keep the circuit square or retangle shape much as it would appear on a wiring diagram.I want you to use the DVM on the simulator and measure the voltage at the battery and send that to me with meter on. Then I want you to measure the resistance of the light bulb and send me a picture of that reading.


    5/5/20 ASE 6 Vocabulary assignment

    Due 5/8/20   Define 10 words using electrical definitions attach it to an email and send it to me.





    Series circuit

    Parallel circuit

    Short circuit

    Open circuit


    Circuit Breaker

    Exam Schedule

    Date: 04/24/2020

    Subject: ASE 6 Electrical Systems     Chapter 50 test

    ASE 6 Chapter 51 test

    All work must be turned in by June 3 to receive credit for the year!!!!!!!!!!


    All work must be completed by June 3