Welcome to Mr. Bentley's Auto Class

  • Welcome to the exciting world of Automobile Maintenance and Light repair.

    In this class you will learn the basics of modern automobile repair and also gain knowledge to help protect one of your life's most costly investments.


    Week of April 1 to April 10

    All students must email Mr. Bentley by Friday, April 3 to check in and learn next weeks (April  6 to 10) Assignments. 

    Please sign up for google classroom your code is 5zylgk2

    Hopefully by now you are signed up and have enrolled in the ASE electrical course on cdxlearning.com   ASE 6 Course code 8D892C all caps.

    If you arent able to work online there can be printed assignments available but you must make arrangements for pickup. 

    I have placed many calls to the numbers we have on file for you and many are not good anylonger please contact me so we can finish your school year right.