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    Spanish  I:  1st Period - Classroom

                        4th Period - Classroom

                        5th Period - Online

    Spanish  II:  3rd Period - Online

    Pre AICE Spanish I: 2nd Period - Classroom

    Pre AICE Spanish II: 6th Period - Classroom




    Foreign Language Department Academic Expectations/Syllabus 2020-2021


    Spanish I, Spanish II, Pre AICE Spanish I, Pre AICE Spanish II.


    Señor Alva

    Room:  1-031

    E mail: Segundo.Alva@marion.k12.fl.us         Phone number:  671-6010  ext.  59162



    Academic Expectations for Spanish Students                      

    Any Foreign Language course requires much diligence on the part of the student. This class is a very rigorous course of study, and requires at the very least study preparation each and every night.  Homework is assigned nightly, and even if the class does not meet, the student should review/ study for this class.  There are many, many quizzes and tests, so that the student will study and be on task.  This is a course which builds on itself, and if a student “gets behind”, it is extremely difficult to catch up. 


    As per *State Standards, the student’s level of proficiency will help determine the student’s grade.  The following chart indicates what level of performance a student should reach in order to do well in the course and on the common end of course exam.

    Enter                          Mid-year                    Year end

    Level 1            Novice/Low                Novice/Mid                 Novice/High

    Level 2            Novice/High               Intermediate/Low      Intermediate/Mid

    Level 3            Intermediate/Mid      Intermediate/High     Advanced/Low

    Level 4            Advanced/Low           Advanced/Mid            Advanced/Mid          



    Spanish I and Pre AICE Spanish I: DESCUBRE 1

    Spanish II and Pre AICE Spanish II: DESCUBRE 2

    Also, students can access to the book online using MCPS website e Textbooks.


    As previously stated, there will be homework. It should not take you very long to do it but you must do the practice if you want to do well in class. If there is no listed homework you should review the material done in class.  Quizzes are based on homework and class practice. Do your homework; it counts towards your grade!  If you don’t have your homework when I am checking it you will receive a zero grade. You will not be able to go to your locker to get it once class starts.  As per county policy, if you turn in the assignment late, your grade will be reduced 10% or 10 points (at teacher’s discretion) for each day that it is late.

    Pre AICE Students will not be able to turn in late their homework. After the due date the grade is zero.


    Class Participation:                                                                               

    Everyone is expected to participate in all class activities. We will be involved in a variety of activities designed to help you learn to communicate in Spanish. Activities will include games, dialogues, singing, reading out loud, responding to questions, interviewing others, watching movies/video, listening to conversations in Spanish and responding in the target language (Spanish). You will be expected to use Spanish as much as possible. You are expected to take notes and maintain an organized notebook or folder to help you study. Students have to work with activities assigned to get a grade in class participation. If you don’t have your classwork assigned when I am checking it you will receive a zero grade. You will not be able to go to your locker to get it once class starts.  As per county policy, if you turn the assignment in late, your grade will be reduced 10% or 10 points (at teacher’s discretion) for each day that it is late.

    Pre AICE Students will not be able to turn in late their classwork assigned. After the due date the grade is zero.



    The quizzes are based on the homework, classwork, and practice we do in class. After classwork and homework students will take a quiz to demonstrate they learned the topic studied.



    There is a test after every lesson. The tests cover all language areas; vocabulary, grammar, reading, culture / writing, speaking / listening. The tests are based on quizzes, homework, class activities. You are expected to study for tests.



    Students are expected to follow all the school rules as stated in the Code of Conduct. All students will demonstrate respect for all members of the class at all times. Interruptions to the learning process will not be tolerated.



    No cheating will be tolerated or excused. School rules will be enforced. Parents and administration will be informed. A grade of zero will be assigned. This is not negotiable. Examples of cheating are as follows:  Use of electronic translators is considered cheating. Asking other students to do your work for you is considered cheating. Copying work is cheating. Trying to pass off someone else’s work as your own is cheating.



    Attendance policies will be enforced. Attendance is very important for your success in class. If you are not in class you will not get the practice you need to get good grades. 


    Making up missed work:                                                  

    Unless arrangements are made with me ahead of time all missed work not made up according to school policy will be recorded as zero grades. As per county policy, “It is the student’s responsibility “To request makeup assignments from teachers upon return to school and to complete this work within one (1) day for each day of absence except in the case of extenuating circumstances.  For suspensions:  Students follow the same make up work policy but will receive 50% credit for work that is turned in.”


    Extra help:                                                                             

    Don’t wait to get help. Get help as soon as you don’t feel you understand something or aren’t feeling confident with the material. Make an appointment with me to make sure there are no scheduling conflicts and then keep the appointment that you have made. You should come to the appointment with a list of specific questions or a specific area in which you need help. 




    Homework                   = 10%

    Classwork                    = 20%

    Quiz                             = 30%

    Test                              = 40%


    Semester I = 40%

    Mid-year Exam is counted as an other test with double weight of the second nine weeks grade.

    Semester II = 40%

    Final Exam: (LEOCE) 20%  of the student’s final grade..


    In order for a student to go on to the next level of Spanish, a teacher recommendation and a minimum grade of “C” is required for each semester.



    Students will use the textbook DESCUBRE 1 (Spanish I and Pre AICE Spanish I) DESCUBRE 2 (Spanish II and Pre AICE Spanish II) DESCUBRE 3 (Spanish III Honors). Students have to create an account online in order to use the book online; most of the homework and classwork are assigned online. You MUST bring to class everyday, a pen or pencil (not red), a folder/binder with lined paper, has pockets for handouts (including this handout of Academic Expectations), your textbook and workbook.  You will also need index cards for each chapter in order to make flashcards.  (Plan on a minimum of 50 flashcards for each lesson.)






                                                                                        Segundo Luis Alva

                                                                                          Spanish Teacher

                                                                                North Marion High School