• Each week we have a Weekly Focus Board in our room on display for the kids to know what we are learning.  Here's what's on focus currently:

    ->  For the remaining weeks of school we will be reviewing the letters and their sounds as well as colors, shapes, and numbers.


    ->  For the week of April 19-23:

    Letter: Review

    ->  For the week of April 12-16:

    Letter: Y

    ->  For the week of April 5-9:

    Letter: U

    ->  For the week of March 29-April 2:

    Letter: G

    ->  For the week of March 22-26:

    Letter: C

    ->  For the week of March 15-19:

    We have a Spring Break Reading Challenge.  I sent the form home in folders on Thursday, March 11.  If you can't find yours, I have made a copy you can find it to print out on the section under Spring Break Reading Challenge.  Each child that turns in their completed form will get to participate in an ice cream party! I also sent home on March 11 a form about our Easter Egg hunt happening on April 2.  I sent it early in case anyone wanted to shop for eggs/treats during our break.  I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing break.  See you all back on March 22.  

    ->  For the week of March 8-12:

    Letter: S

    ->  For the week of March 1-5:

    Letter: Z

    ->  For the week of February 22-26:

    Letter: K

    ->  For the week of February 15-19:

    Letter: N

    ->  For the week of February 8-12:

    Letter: P

    ->  For the week of February 1-5:

    Letter: I

    ->  For the week of January 25-29:

    Letter: D


    ->  For the week of January 18-22:

    Letter: H


    ->  For the week of January 11-15:

    Letter: V

    Number: 10

    Shape: Rectangle

    Color: White

    ->  For the week of January 4-8:

    Letter: E

    Number: 10

    Shape: Rhombus

    Color: Grey

    ->  For the week of December 14-18:

    Letter: Review

    Number: Review

    Shape: Review

    Color: Review

    ->  For the week of December 7-11:

    Letter: M

    Number: 9

    Shape: Rhombus (also a diamond, but we learn the word rhombus)

    Color: Brown


    ->  For the week of November 30-December 4:

    Letter: Q

    Number: 8

    Shape: Hexagon

    Color: Pink

     -> For the week of November 16-20:

    Letter: Review

    Number: Review

    Shape: Review

    Color: Review

    ->  For the week of November 9-13:

    Letter: F

    Number: 7

    Shape: Oval

    Color Purple

    ->  For the week of November 2-6:

    Letter: L

    Number: 6

    Shape: Rectangle

    Color: Yellow

    -> For the week of October 26-20:

    Letter: A

    Number: 5

    Shape: Rectangle

    Color: Orange

    ->  For the week of October 19-23:

    Letter: Review Letters B, O, X, J, T, R, W

    Number: 4

    Shape: Triangle

    Color: Green

    ->  For the week of October 12-16:

    Letter: W


    Shape: Square

    Color: Blue

    -> For the week of October 5-9:

    Letter: J

    Numbers: 1-2

    Shape: Circle

    Color: Red


    Before the focus board was put up, we had already begun to learn the following letters: B,  O,  X,  T,  R.  Please review these letters with your student to help us maintain understanding and recognition!