• Each week we have a Weekly Focus Board in our room on display for the kids to know what we are learning.  Here's what's on focus currently:

    ->  For the week of November 30-December 4:

    Letter: Q

    Number: 8

    Shape: Hexagon

    Color: Pink

    ->  For the week of November 16-20:

    Letter: Review

    Number: Review

    Shape: Review

    Color: Review

    ->  For the week of November 9-13:

    Letter: F

    Number: 7

    Shape: Oval

    Color Purple

    ->  For the week of November 2-6:

    Letter: L

    Number: 6

    Shape: Rectangle

    Color: Yellow

    -> For the week of October 26-20:

    Letter: A

    Number: 5

    Shape: Rectangle

    Color: Orange

    ->  For the week of October 19-23:

    Letter: Review Letters B, O, X, J, T, R, W

    Number: 4

    Shape: Triangle

    Color: Green

    ->  For the week of October 12-16:

    Letter: W


    Shape: Square

    Color: Blue

    -> For the week of October 5-9:

    Letter: J

    Numbers: 1-2

    Shape: Circle

    Color: Red


    Before the focus board was put up, we had already begun to learn the following letters: B,  O,  X,  T,  R.  Please review these letters with your student to help us maintain understanding and recognition!