Computer Applications in Business I, II, III

Welcome to Computer Applications in Business!


    In the Computer Applications & Business Class, your child(ren) will use various software applications that will enable them to create documents, create and maintain data, use the internet and e-mail, and apply their computer skills in many aspects of their lives.  While they are learning these skills, they will also work with documents, data files, calculations and communications that connect with other curricular areas.  This course provides tools to help students in their other courses. Not only should they be able to perform at the standards established for the course, but they should acquire other valuable skills for their personal, academic, and occupational endeavors-which will enable them to communicate more effectively in this computer-literate world. The keyboarding and computer skills that they learn will serve them throughout their school years and adult working years.


    Class Schedule - 1st Semester                                Class Schedule - 2nd Semester

    1st Period - CPT APP BUS  1                                     1st Period - CPT APP BUS   3

    2nd Period -CPT APP BUS  2                                     2nd Period- CPT APP BUS    1

    3rd Period - CPT APP BUS  3                                     3rd Period - CPT APP BUS   1

    4th Period - CPT APP BUS  1                                     4th Period - CPT APP BUS   3

    5th Period - CPT APP BUS  3                                     5th Period - CPT APP BUS   2

    6th Period - CPT APP BUS  2                                     6th Period - CPT APP BUS   1