Welcome to Mrs. Weaver's 6th Grade Language Arts

  • Piggies 4  IMPORTANT!!

    • I am attaching  my distance learning work here to make it easier to find.  Let me know if you need any further information.

    Home Phone: (352) 622-3682 

    Email: theresa.weaver@marion.k12.fl.us

    • Everyone should complete 15 minutes of I-Ready reading and math each day

    • Please complete these lessons in order and e-mail to me.

    • All links are in red.

    • If you have successfully finished everything on this list (Scroll to the bottom please.) double check to see if your grade are showing on the computer.  All grades should be current for work sent to me by 11:00 A.M. on Monday, 05/18/2020.

    • This is all of the work for the 4th quarter.  If you are finished, please continue to do 15 minutes of I-Ready reading and math each day. 

    • You have the option to write your own story (no violence, drugs, etc...) for extra credit. 


    1. Work for April 1-April 24 - There are five documents, please open and read each one carefully before calling me.

    You must report on a Florida snake.  You may choose one at either of the links provided below.


    2. Work for April 27 - May 8th, 2020

    3.  Work for May 11-15, 2020- Scroll down

    Lesson Plan

    Poetry Task #5 – Vocabulary        Due by Friday, 05/15/2020

    Please write complete definitions for the words on this list. 

    You may use on-line dictionaries, dictionary books, or the glossary in the back of your on-line textbook “Florida Collections 6”.  Remember that the definition that you choose must be related to literature, music, or poetry. 

    1. poetry

    2. rhyme

    3. rhythm

    4. meter

    5. stanza

    6. couplets

    7. haiku

    8. free verse

    9. concrete poem

    10. cinquain

    If you are working at home and have no internet, I hope that you have a dictionary.  You may e-mail me photos of your work.

    If you do not, you may call me at home (352) 622-3682 and I will give you definitions.  Do not call me if you have internet access.


    Poetry Task #6 - Due by May 16, 2020– Choose one type of poem in the list and write one of your own.   You are welcome to find more information on-line to help you, but you MUST write your own.  Remember that I can find out if you copied a poem very, very easily.