• United States History



    Class Objectives


    This year we will be studying the main characters and major events in U.S. History, from the first days of European exploration until the settlement of the West after the Civil War. By examining these people and events we will develop a better understanding of how they led to the development of our country, our system of government, and our way of life.


    As part of our study of U.S. History we will involved in many different activities such as the creation and reading of maps, charts, and graphs, individual and group research, hands on projects, and class reports. We will also examine and discuss some of the major events in Florida’s history and the effects they had on Marion County and the State of Florida as a whole.


    Textbook and Supplies


    This year we will be using United States History, Beginnings to 1877 published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing. A textbook will be issued for home use with a replacement cost of $58.00.


    The only materials that you will need are pencils and pens (blue or black ink only), college ruled filler paper, and materials needed to complete your projects. All other materials will be provided.


    Attendance and Assignments


    Since a majority of the course material will be presented and discussed in class, it is very important that you make every effort to attend class each day. If you are absent you will be responsible to obtain and complete the work that you missed. Any assignment that you miss will be placed in an absentee folder for your class period located in the front of the classroom. If you are absent you will have a day for each day that you missed to turn in the assignments. Any tests or quizzes that you miss will be taken when you return to school.


    Each assignment is expected to be turned in on time. In order to be fair to everyone, late work will not be accepted unless arrangements are made with me ahead of time.


    In order for you to be successful it is very important that you participate in class. This means that you must take notes when needed, join class and group discussions, and complete all individual assignments.


    Extra Help


    If you need extra help please let me know as soon as possible. We can make arrangements for tutoring after school if necessary with approval from your parents.


    Discipline and Class Procedures


    I expect all students to enter the class quietly and take their assigned seats, prepared for class. Fort McCoy School polices and procedures will be followed and enforced at all times. In addition the class rules are as follows:


    • Be prepared for class.

    • Treat others with respect at all times.

    • Raise your hand to be called on before talking or leaving your seat.

    • No chewing gum in the classroom


      To ensure the safety of everyone I will dismiss you at the end of class so everyone will be expected to remain in their seats until then. Other classroom procedures will be reviewed in class.



      The grading scale used will be;


      A   =  90-100 pts.

      B   =  80-89   pts.

      C   =  70-79   pts.

      D   =  60-69   pts.

      F   =  59 and below


      **Please remember that you MUST pass 8th Grade U.S. History in order to graduate from Middle School.


      Grades will be based on several different categories as follows;

    • Homework              10%

    • Class work, Quizzes,

      all other assignments         50%

    • Test, Projects,

      and Presentations   40%




      Washington, D.C. Trip



      Our annual 8th Grade trip to Washington, D.C. is a wonderful and fun way to see and experience some of the locations that we have been studying for the last 2 years in Social Studies. Studying Civics in the 7th grade we learned where and how our national government operates. In Washington we will be visiting many government buildings that include the U.S. Capital and the Supreme Court Building. There are also many historical sites that we have or will study such as Mount Vernon, Ford’s Theatre, the National Cathedral, the national Archives, and the museums and many monuments in and around the city.


      In addition to Washington, D.C. this year we are planning to spend one day touring Jamestown and Williamsburg, Virginia. Both areas have been restored to their Colonial years and show life as it was after the original landing in 1607 and the years following living under British rule. Our students will be able to walk back into history and experience Colonial life firsthand.


      Our trip this year is tentatively scheduled to leave on the morning of January 20th and returning the morning of January 25th  It is open to all 8th graders who maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average (“C” average) with no major discipline issues this school year. The cost of the trip should be $820.00 depending on how many students attend. Parents are also welcome to attend. If you need more information please have your parents contact me.