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Ms. Muse

"Music is the universal language of mankind." -Henry Wadsworth

I believe in music. I believe in the activity and pursuit of excellence in music. I believe that in the pursuit of this excellence comes intellectual growth, development of character, valuable life experience, and personal fulfillment. Students here at Fort McCoy will be introduced to the vast world of music through a variety of band literature, choral works, lessons on music theory, history, and world music.

My name is Alexandra Muse and I am a graduate of the Florida State University, where I was a proud member of the Marching Chiefs, and received my bachelor's degree in Instrumental Music Education. My musical experience began in elementary school with recorder, chorus, violin, and piano. All of that before graduating the 5th grade (not bad, huh?). In middle school I maintained the violin, but took up a new love---the French horn. I started the horn in sixth grade beginning band just like the students here will do. In high school I joined the chorus which opened doors to vocal lessons, musical theater performances, and even a field trip to sing in a choir at Carnegie Hall!

I tell my students that music takes you places---physically, mentally, and emotionally. I've traveled all over the United States because of my membership in an ensemble. Whether it be band, chorus, or orchestra---I attribute my best middle and high school moments to my musical education. In addition to traveling, music can take you places mentally. I believe in the relationship between music and life. Learning how to play a scale or how to sing in tune takes hard work. Students in music learn how to overcome challenges and develop a work ethic that can be applied to all aspects of their lives. Finally, music can take you somewhere emotionally. The content, the blood, sweat, and tears behind each note is often easily transferred to the audience when an ensemble has mastered the levels of maturity in musical performance. Composers are human just like us, and a lot of times their writing and lyrics come from hardships or joys experienced in their lives. Just ask returning members of the Cougar Chorus from last year. We had some real emotional moments working on the Michael Jackson hit, "Will You Be There?".

I could go on and on about music and the impact it has had on my life, but I'd rather you ask me about it sometime in person. My door is always open.

Until then, GO NOLES, May the Force be with you, and Live Long and Prosper.


Alexandra Muse