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    • Your child will stay with me for all subjects. We will have several paraprofessionals that will be coming in and helping students (Mrs. Roach, Mrs. Melin, and Mrs. Simms).  Mrs. Elomaa will also be in our room daily providing support facilitation for several students.  
    • We have PE daily at 7:45-8:15, so students should wear their tennis shoes to school.  They are more than welcome to change shoes afterwards.
    • We have Music on Monday and Art on Thursday.
    • Library check out will be every other Tuesday afternoon.  The first Tuesday for check out is on 8\21.


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    Writing:  This is the year for FSA writes.  This is a state test that will require students to read two articles and then respond using text evidence to support their writing.  The goal is to create a 5 paragraph essay that is organized and informative.  Spelling will not hurt scores terribly as long as their writing is decipherable. Organization, sentence structure and text evidence will be key.  We will be working hard all year to prepare your child for this assessment.  


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    Homework:According to Superintendent Dr. Heidi Maier, we can assign homework this year.  The homework will reflect new skills and/or be an enrichment to what is being learned in class.  

    Spelling words will be sent home on Fridays and spelling tests will be on the following Friday.  Most likely those tests will be graded and not sent home until the following school day (Monday).


    I hope to give you a chance to get involved and show your child that you value their school work.  I highly recommend that you sit with your child during this homework time (20 minutes - not longer) and work with them.  Have them explain their answers to you and help them if they have questions.  Work should be done in their handwriting.  Have them read to you and remember to ask questions throughout. Give them the opportunity to show you what they have learned.