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    • I teach language arts/reading and social studies.  Your child will spend the first part of the day in my class.  After lunch they will go to Mrs. Ehrlund/Mrs. Johnson's class for math and science.


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    Language Arts Tests:

    • At the end of each Unit in Reading, there will be a unit assessment that is computer based.  Kids will have to read and answer questions about a passage on the computer.  The questions will be based on skills taught during each unit.  (The skills passed on these assessments will be checked off on your child's portfolio.)


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    Third Grade Portfolios:


    • In order for third graders to move to fourth grade, student have to pass the Florida State Assessment (FSA) or a completely mastered portfolio. 
    • Each student will have a portfolio check off list.  The portfolio consists of all the third grade skills that the state requires to be mastered. Each skill must be passed twice with a score of 70% or higher to be considered mastered.  All skills must be mastered in order to pass to fourth grade on portfolio.   



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    • According to Superintendent Dr. Heidi Maier, we will not have regular homework nightly. Your child will be expected to read 20 mins a night from a book of their choice and keep track in their reading logs.


    I hope to give you a chance to get involved and show your child that you value their school work.  I highly recommend that you sit with your child during this 20 minutes and read with them.  Have them read to you and remember to ask questions throughout. Give them the opportunity to show you what they have learned through this great reading experience.