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     Wednesday (4/1) will be the first day of on-line learning.  (No, it's not an April Fool's joke!!) 

    I now have Microsoft Teams up and running.  Please check your student's school email (in Desktop Portal -Office 360 - Outlook).

    • Your child's email is their firstname.lastname@marionstudents.net and their normal password.  Your child should have an email inviting them to join Microsoft Teams.  Please click on the join button.  You should see several classes with bumble bee pictures. 
    • Once you click on a class, there are tabs at the top.  You will need to click the assignment tab to see the work that needs to be completed and turned in. 
    • There is a chat tab on the left of the screen.  If you will click there and try to send me a message that you made it in to Teams.  That would be great. 
    • I may use the Chat channel to take attendance everyday.  I want to make sure everyone can get up and running first.  On Wednesday, I will have to take attendance.  That means at some point during the day, I need your kiddo to email me, write a message to me in Chat, or Dojo me.   If I don't hear from you or your child, I have to mark them abesent.
    • R U READY????  We've Got This!!!!
    • The hours that I am available through TEAM are 10:00-11:00 and 2:00-3:00  I will be at the computer to answer questions or chat with you.  If you need me and can't make it at those times, contact me through Dojo or email and I will accomodate you.

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