•  lesson 11.2.Your child will be responsible for bringing home announcements and other communcations  in an folder or notebook.   I will use this tool as a primary source of communication, therefore it is important that you check it daily. My purpose for this is to provide an opportunity for your child to develop responsibility skills which will be used throughout his/her life.

    Math .. Students are expected to fluenly know the multiplication facts to 12. These are an extremely important element of the math curriculum. Students that do not know these are going to have a very difficult time.
    At the fifth grade level, students are expected to read for 30 minutes nightly. This is vital for success!



    The three areas of science we will investigate this year are Earth, Physical, and Life sciences. The Scientific Method, experiments, and media resources will enrich our learning experiences. We will also have a Science Fair this year and students will be working on project at school. I look forward to this as it should be fun and a great experience for us all!


    Due to the Covid 19 virus, things have changed. Beginning on Wednesday, March 30, 2020, I will need you to do the following things for me.

    First, you or your students will need to send me an email stating that they are online. Please be sure to do this by 10:00 a.m. as This is my way of taking attendance.

    Every day your student should be working on i-Ready math. They will need to have a total of 45 minutes each week. In our classroom, I allowed them 15 minutes each day. Once the 45 minute goal is obtained, students may work on the fun math games each day as a reward!

    Once student has logged in on the device they click the iReady tile and log in. From here they are ready to work. We have used this site all year long and student DO know how to access this.

    For science, students log onto the school site and find the tile that says," Stemscopes".  This is where I have placed assignments for the next two weeks.

    Here are some important things that you might find helpful:

    GoMath www-k6.thinkcentral.com  Go to grade 5 under resources. Use drop down box to choose Go Math MAFS5 Student Edition Chapter 1. Select lesson 11.2 and you should see the math pages.

    Science  www.Stemscopes.com

    Math IXL  www.IXL.com/math/elementary

    My classroomgoogle.com code is  avj2prk and contains all of the math/science assignments. The Power Point tab has the first two pages of the Polygon and Triangle assignments done with you. Trying to be as much help as possible. The assignments there are the same as the ones listed here. You may choose to use this one, that one, or both.


    In the event that you need to reach or Guidance Counselors, here is a link that will allow you to access information.