• Your child will be responsible for bring home announcements and other communcations  in an folder or notebook.  This will be sent home each night for parent to read and sign. I will use this tool as a primary source of communitcation, therefore it is important that you check it daily. My purpose for this is to provide an opportunity for your child to develop responsibility skills which will be used throughout his/her life.

    Math homework will NOT come home without a note stating that you widh for your child to have practice of the skills and content we are covering.. Students are expected to fluenly know the multiplication facts to 12. These are an extremely important element of the math curriculum. Students that do not know these are gong to have a very difficult time.
    At the fourth grade level, students are expected to read for 30 minutes nightly. This is vital for success! 



    Our fourth grade focus here will be multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals. We will discover many different strategies to solve problems and learn how to challenge our learning with Math Ta



    The three areas of science we will investigate this year are Earth, Physical, and Life sciences. The Scientific Method, experiments, and media resources will enrich our learning experiences. We will also have a Science Fair this year and students will be working on them at school. I look forward to this as it should be fun and a great experience for us all!