You will have math class daily online with me. Each day will begin with a 10 minute fluency skill building activity. You MUST fluently know your basic multiplication facts in

    order to successfully navigate the mathematics course. When students do not know their basic multiplication facts, 1 -12, students struggle in division and fractions . These

    will be a part of your math curriculum this year and I can not emphasize how critical it is to know them. 

    We will then have our online lesson, folowed by opportunity for independent practice. Think of the independent practice as practice of your favorite sport. We all knoe that All 

    Star Athletes practice their sport many hours each day. They are dedicated to doing their best and being their best for wvery game! Did you know that the same is true about 

    your math? The more you practice, the better you get at the skill(s). Tings do not magically happen boys and girls! It takes commitment, hard work, and great effort to be come

    an All Star Mathelete! I beleive in you and know that you can do this! Great things happen when we all work together!

    You will also be expected to complete 45 minutes per Week of i-Ready math. Remember, we are looking for success and growth, so we will take this seriously and always do

    our best work. We need to make a score of 80%  or more on our tasks to be successful. I am ALWAYS here to help in any way that I can.



    Our daily science class will be held online as well as from Stemscores. You should be familiar with Stemscopes from last year. It will be the source that you will use for

    activities, lessons, and assessments. We will also be kwwping an online Science Notebook on our TEAMS program. Please remember that the Notebook grades comprise or

    make up 40% of your Science grade. Therefore, the work required is very important. I will design experiments to demonstrate for you online in hope that you will better 

    understandthe Big Ideas of Science and to give Real World Application to the science skill being taught! You will also be asked to conduct simple experiements at hoem as well!