• Our classroom is an Reading Academy Classroom. Your child will be receiving a reading bag where they will be holding there Academy readers. They will switch out books every morning in class. There will be a reading log to be filled out every night. Students will log books they have read every night.



    Reading/Language Arts - Wonders!

    Q1 - Letters (recognize, identify, write), Letter Sounds, Sight Words, syllables, rhyme, opposites, Key Details, Author, Illustrator, Narrative and Informative Writing.

    Q2 - Letters, Letter Sounds,  Blending Sounds to make words, syllables, rhyme,  Sight Words, Character, Setting, Key Details, Story Elements, Fact and Opinion and Opinion Writing.

    Q3 - Letters, Letter Sounds, Sight Words, Common types of text, Story Elements, Compare/Contrast, Sequence, Plot, Problem, Solution, Narrative/Informative/Opinion Writing.

    Q4 - Letters, Letter Sounds, Sight Words, Blending sounds to make words, Character, Setting, Plot, Sequence, Compare/Contrast, Recall Key Details, Narrative/Informative/Opinion Writing.

    Math - Go Math!

    Your child will be learning the following math skills this year!

    Q1  -Numbers to 10, Classifying and Sorting Objects, Greater Than/Less Than/Equal To, Compare Numbers to 10, Count objects to 10, Compose and Decompose Numbers to 10, Cardinal Numbers and Writing Numbers to 10

    Q2 - Numbers 11-20, Learn and write numbers 11-20, Count Objects to 20, Count to 100 by 10's and 1's, Compose and Decompose Numbers 11-19, Greater Than/Less Than/Equal to 20

    Q3 - Adding and Subtracting,Represent and Solve addition and subtraction problems, Decompose numbers to make 1-10

    Q4 - Geometry, Position words, Identify, Name, Model 2D and 3D shapes, Create new shapes using shapes

           Measurement, Length, Height, Compare Attributes of Objects

    Social Studies -

    Q1 - Civics - Rules and Laws and necessity of them at school, home, and in the community/How to be a good citizen and friend and how to solve conflicts between friends

    Q2 - Geography - Describe location of people, places, things and using globes as a model of the Earth

           American History - Compare children and families past and present, National Holidays and Celebrations, Compare holiday's between our nation and other nations/heritages

    Q3 - Economics and Calendar - Explore jobs people have and the tools they use, U.S. currency and it's forms, people work to earn money, Needs and Wants, Calendars

            represent years, months, days and weeks

           American History and Geography - The character and principals of people in American History (Presidents, etc.), Learn phone number, address, city, town, and state you live in, Weather,

           changes in weather and how it effects the environment.

    Q4 - US Symbols - Recognize and know the importance of U.S. Symbols

           American History/Timelines - Understand and create timelines, terminology related to chronology, sequential order of events and explain how things change over time.

    Science -

    Q1 - Nature of Science - What Scientists Do, and My Five Senses

    Q2 - Tools and Properties of Science, Force and Motion, Movement, Gravity

    Q3- Living and Non-Living, Plants, Animals, Health

    Q4 - Day and Night Sky and Physical Change