•  Math Syllabus                                                                           Mr. Flood    Building 6, Room 9



    Welcome.  Homework will be given approximately 2 times per week.  These assignments are encouraged to be done online from the textbook's website for the 8th grade pre-algebra and Algebra 1 honors classes. Also most tests will be completed online. Students who do not have access to the internet from home can complete homework assignments from the textbook that will be issued or come to my classroom during homeroom to log in to student computers to complete assignments.


    SUPPLIES: folder, spiral notebook, pencils, pencil sharpener, pens, erasers, homework, and calculator.



     I expect students to get to class on time.

     I expect students to put forward their best effort and try to learn the material.

     I expect students to be on their best behavior.

     I expect students to have their own pencil and paper every day.

     I expect students to be respectful of the other people in the classroom, even when they disagree with   


    I expect students to show an attitude of support toward each other and the class as a whole. You are 

           learning new material, and making mistakes is an important part of learning. This means that 

           students must help each other by a supporting attitude. Let’s work together on this!




     I will strive to treat all students fairly, providing students with the assistance they need to be successful.

     I will strive to have thoughtful lessons prepared each day.

     I will strive to be FIRM, FAIR, and CONSISTENT in classroom management.

     I will strive to communicate regularly with parents through telephone, email, and my class webpage.



    Students must demonstrate mastery of the math standards to pass this class. The following percentage weights will apply in each category.


                Homework                                           10%

                Quizzes/Classwork/Learning Checks       50%

                Tests/Projects                                      40%




    Students will need a spiral notebook.

    You will also need a folder with pockets to hold worksheets and returned papers.