• What will your child learn in first grade language arts?

      First grade is a very critical year in the development of reading and language skills.  This year, we will continue using the new county adopted reading series to help your child learn a variety of phonics skills, sight words, and strategies to help them learn new words.  We will read a variety of books, and your child will be able to practice new skills in a variety of fun and interesting ways.  By the end of the year, students are expected to read about 60 words per minute and be able to read grade level text independently.  First graders will spend lots of time writing as well.  Students will be able to write about topics that interest them and share their writings with others. 

    What will your child learn in social studies?

      Students will learn about rules and their purpose as well as how to get along with others and work together. They will learn about holidays, events in history, famous Americans, and American symbols.  They will also develop a working knowledge of timelines and maps. 



    Grading Procedures

    Below is our elementary grading scale. 

    90-100                  E (excellent)

    80-89                    S (satisfactory)

    70-79                   N (needs improvement)

    69 and below         U (unsatisfactory progress)

      Student work will be graded promptly and will be sent home in their folders every Friday.  We are not allowed to send home certain county assessments, but a note will go home explaining how your child performed on those tests.  I will also post grades to my gradebook in a timely manner so you can access them on Family Access through MCPS.

    Please click on the file below to view our beginning of the year parent letter which outlines our procedures and rules for the school year.

    Click here to learn more information about rules and procedures!