I will be teaching your child math  and science.  My homeroom will start the day with me then after lunch "rotate" to Mrs. Mullener for reading and social studies.  Also know that your child will have both Mrs. Johnson and myself as their teachers.  We are going to "share" teach (work part-time),



    We will start the year with UNTIMED fluency math tests. For the first half of the year these tests will focus on adding and subtracting. We will also have chapter tests, and FSA tests. (ALL TESTS WILL BE SENT HOME)



    I will be sending home homework EVERY DAY, MONDAY THRU THURSDAY!! ( starting the second week of school)

    MONDAY: reading

    TUESDAY: math

    WEDNESDAY: reading

    THURSDAY: math



    Please write a NOTE EVERY TIME your child is absent!!!



    We now have PE every day, so PLEASE WEAR TENNIS SHOES DAILY!!!!



    We will be going to Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa this year (3rd grade field trip) and if you want to go you'll need to be an approved VOLUNTEER!  We can also use help tearing out worksheet pages, cutting out laminating, reading w/kids, etc.