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          The students who transforms anxiety and unpredictability into a vehicle for their personal growth will be tomorrow’s leaders. Tomorrow’s leaders arise by facing the challenges of today with courage, resilience, adaptability, and grit. The world needs leaders from right here in Fort McCoy.  Be a World Leader! Grow your “Pandemic Strong” Mindset!


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    The Beginning of this page is dedicated to reviewing the Tools of our Physical Education Class


    Now more than ever, when you habitually use these TOOLS you allow Good Things to Happen!


    Tool #1:  The Foundation, Get the Eight NUTRIENTS 


    A pandemic strong mindset needs nourishment. Get moving on these eight nourishing habits and you have the building blocks to being a super hero.


    • #1 Choose quality food. Eat because you need to eat. Don’t eat because you are bored, sad, happy, anxious, tired, or angry.
    • #2 Drink enough water. This should be your primary fluid. Eight or more glasses per day. More if you are exercising lot.
    • #3 Seek Clean air. Get outside in your yard. Even in April, the weather is usually beautiful outside before 10am and after 6pm. There are at least five daylight hour in which you can be outside enjoying fresh air.
    • #4 Get Enough sleep. Eight straight hours or more. Shut down all screens at least one hour before bed. Bedtimes between 8pm and 10pm are fantastic.
    • #5 Create an organized environment. Organizing your space and daily schedule allows you to accomplish more tasks and feel better about yourself.
    • #6 Invite positive thoughts and nourishing words, select words that represent who you wish to become.  Choose to speak and listen to positive, nourishing, and academic words. The words that you hear, read, and and share become YOU! Choose your words wisely and you will gain wisdom. 
    • #7 Exercise. A daily habit often done at the same place at the same time. Just choosing a different set of exercises each day and making it fun. Do it early in the day when possible.  I like a 6am start!
    • #8 Help someone. When you choose to be a life-long helper, help has a way of finding you when you need it. Empathy is a the power habit of superheros! Mere mortals can choose empathy. 


    Self Reminder. You take your Mindset with you wherever you go.

    Only when your mindset is nourished can you handle challenges like a superhero. 


    Tool #2: Adjust your Emotions for success.  

    • Having emotional awareness allows you to choose an emotional response. 
    • Your emotional response can be the "walls and windows" of your pandemic strong mindset.
    • Additionally, habitual positive emotional choices foreshadow your future success.    
    • Each and every day, choose to cultivate Empathy, Kindness, Patience, and Forgiveness and you will grow creativity, resilience, and step closer to your potential.
    • Each day that you identify and remove Apathy, Jealousy, and Anxiety the same will happen.  
    • Choose your emotions wisely and your days will slowly illuminate.  
    • Be Patience. Amazing creations are not built in a day.  
    • If you would like an amazing life you will need to build your lifelong emotional practice skills.  


    Self Reminder. Emotions are a choice!


    Tool #3: The RECIPE


    • THE RECIPE: Believe, Plan, Call in Help (from teachers and mentors), Measure, and Repeat. 
    • Use this RECIPE repeatedly. Each day, all day.
    • School is essentially a process of planning, measuring, and repeating.
    • Schooling can be done from a ANY DISTANCE when you are connected with your teachers and mentors. 


    Self Reminder: Believe in Yourself and reach out to your Helpers! 


    Tool #4: USE The Creative Window of the day

    • The creative window is when your mind is clear from the initial distractions of any day.
    • In order to get to the creative window, you may need to be the 1st person awake (for example, if you have noisey siblings). 
    • For adults, the creative window is often the hour before and the hour after after sunrise. 
    • For teenagers it may be a little later.
    • Regardless, plan to get up at the same time each day.
    • Hold yourself accountable to that time. Get up! 
    • When you wake up, tell yourself “This is going to be a good day!” 
    • Now, immediately start working on two hours of goals that you created the day before. Workout goals, reading goals, social goals. Goals that build you into the person you wish to become. Accomplishing these goals before you use your phone, turn on the TV, or use social media. 


    Self Reminder: Waking up early You become whom you build. Build wisely!


    Welcome to Fort McCoy Physical Education Distance Learning.


    The Key Elements:

    • Students will receive weekly physical education assignments posted here Mondays by 2pm.
    • Your Quarter 4 physical education grade is based on completion of these Weekly Distance Learning Assignments #2-8
    • You submit completed assignments by email (see How to demonstrate you have completed weekly assignments).
    • You will not need exercise equipment to complete assignments.




    How to demonstrate you have completed weekly assignments.


    • Email the following statement as the Subject Line of your email.  “Your Full Name, PE class period, Assignment #___.”
                                                           Example: “ Usain Bolt, 3rd Period PE, Assignment 2”
    • The body of the email should be atleast a two sentence reflection on each part of the assignment. There is always three parts to each assignment.
    • The three Follow Along Exercise videos are Part 1. (submit two or more sentences)
    • The weekly Mindset video is Part 2. (submit two or more sentences)
    • The weekly Skills video is Part 3. (submit two or more sentences)
    • An additional statement of “Please email ” followed by your question or questions at the end of the message indicates you need additional assistance.



    Schedule of assignments: Window for assignment submission.


    Assignments 1: Posted by 2pm Tuesday March 31st. Email submission window, Tuesday March 31st - Sunday April 5.

    Assignments 2: Posted by 2pm Monday April 6, Email submission window, Thursday April 9 - Sunday April 20

    Assignments 3:  Posted by 2pm Monday April 13, Email submission window, Thursday April 16- Sunday April 20

    Assignments 4: Posted by 2pm Monday April 20, Email submission window, Thursday April 23- Sunday April 26.

    Assignments 5: Posted by 2pm Monday April 27, Email submission window,  Thursday April 30- Sunday May 3.

    Assignments 6: Posted by 2pm Monday May 4, Email submission window,  Thursday May 7- Sunday May 11.

    Assignments 7: Posted by 2pm Monday May 11 Email submission window,  Thursday May 14- Sunday May 18.

    Assignments 8: Posted by 2pm Monday May 18, Email submission window,  Thursday May 21- Sunday May 25.





    Education Resources



    Follow along daily fitness videos

    (3 videos assigned per week, modify each video to fit your ability level. )



    https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1/featured   Joe Wicks from England (great accent). His Youtube channel has daily 30 minutes workouts @ 9am live stream, called PE with Joe. You can watch them anytime. He does these workouts from his living room and are great for all populations but aimed younger ages. he also has multiple categories including 7 days of Sweat and Ab Blasters. 






    Mindset Video 1 (part of Distance Learning Assignment 2) The Power of Belief: Growth Mindset (we watch this one in our class at least once per semester).



    Mindset Video 2 (part of Distance Learning Assignment 3) Dr. Carol Dweck from Stanford University: Growth Mindset



    Mindset Video 3 (part of Distance Learning Assignment 4) The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong: From TEDX Ocala



    Mindset Video 4 (part Distance Learning Assignment 5) Moms and Dads can be inspiring. This video post is dedicated to Coach’s mom, his hero. The video touches on the “precious gift of life and that what is in your heart is what truly matters.” For me the video is a truly inspiring reminder to wake up every day and be ready to give my best in honor of the mother who inspires me.  Marc Mero is a retired professional wrestler turned motivational speaker. He often speaks at schools in Florida.  



    Mindset Video 5 (part of Distance Learning Assignment 6)


          Your outlook determines almost everything in life. Therefore, you might as well mold it into kinetic sculpture of possibilities now.  Advanced middle school listening skills are required.  There is a high level of science vocabulary. This TEDX talk is by Dr. Alia Crum, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Stanford at the Stanford Mind & Body Lab https://mbl.stanford.edu/.

     Dr. Crum is a former Division 1 Hockey Player at Harvard University and a triathlete. 


    Mindset Video 6  (part of Distance Learning Assignment 7)     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suZx9BZFkwE   Solitude will Sharpen Your Mind.   A short motivational video providing useful tools to move past negative  thoughts. 


    Mindset Video 7 (part of Distance Learning Assignment 8)  https://www.ted.com/talks/shawn_achor_the_happy_secret_to_better_work?language=en   The Happy Secret to Better Work       In this video, the speaker posits what he calls the "happiness advantage" stating happier people become more successful because their happiness allows them to reach farther toward their potential. At minute eleven of the video, Shawn offers his key five step daily approach. 


    Mindset Video 8 (part of Distance Learning Assignment 9) https://www.ted.com/talks/angela_lee_duckworth_grit_the_power_of_passion_and_perseverance?language=en 

    Grit:The Power of Passion and Perseverance    From speaker Angela Duckworth. Her book by the same name is a New York Times bestseller.  Angela has found that grit—a combination of passion and perseverance for a singularly important goal—is the hallmark of high achievers in every domain. She’s also found scientific evidence that grit can grow.



    sport Biomechanics & Fitness Videos

    (1 VIDEO assigned PER WEEK: not required to follow along)



    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilF_iVyukNI   Fitness Video #1a:  good self-space leg strength exercises similar to what we do in PE class.  No equipment needed.  


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7r6yCpmSrA      Fitness Videos #2a


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPzYHi5iKmo  Fitness Video#2b:   Two Excellent Videos on A Skips and B Skips focused on form. These two videos do a great job of demonstrating the biomechanics of A and B skips. Can be done outside or in a hallway. 


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYJJbwG_i8U  Fitness Video #3: 10 Explosive Plyometric Exercises for Speed: Advanced Video on speed development exercses. Many of these exercise we do in 6th period PE. I do reccomded students skip exercise #9 if they choose to do the exercises in the video. 

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMY5Cj39xN8  Fitness Videos #4: 15 great footwork agility drills. You can do these without a speed ladder by using chalk, spray paint, tape, or just pretend the ladder is there.


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvH5WZk0f90  Fitness Video #5:  another excellent video on running drills that are done by sprinters and distance runners as a part of their typical warmup routines.


    https://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=8190   Fitness Video #6: Myrtle routine: The 12 exercises in the Myrtl Routine help strengthen the hip girdle while also helping to provide a greater range of motion in this area. My more detail oriented high school runners perform this routine (or a variation of it), three or more times per week as a part of core strengthening and injury prevention.  I find the set of 12 exercises is also very helpful for adults wishing to prevent low back problems. Can be done inside at home.    



    The Science of Health & Fitness

    (extra reading)


    https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/why-people-become-overweight  Great article by Harvard Medical School on the origins of obesity. It details the complexity of genetic, environmental, and behavioral variables.  Advanced health education reading for middle school.  


    college admissions process and colleges in general 

    (for your future)

    https://www.collegesimply.com/   Great college comparison website.  My favorite page is the NET PRICE chart. Some of the most prestigious schools in the nation are highly affordable after their generous grants provided by college endowments to families making under $100,000 per year. 





  •     During the week ending on Monday 5-17-20,  students are  working on P.E. Assignment #7.  This assignment is found at the bottom of the "Assignments" page of the this website. 

    Be Pandemic Strong! 

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