Hi Families,

    I was so excited  excited   to see most of you guys on Tuesday!  I can't believe there is only one week of school left. Everyone has picked up their bags now.  We might be the ONLY class that did WOW!!  That is amazing.  I hope you all have an amazing SUMMER VACATION filled with lots of learning and exploring, and you find all of the extra materials in your bags useful.  I sent an email with ideas on how you could use everything.  I look forward to getting to visit with everyone once we return to school!

    Mrs. Brady and I  love and miss you all very much!

    On Wednesday May 27th, Fort McCoy will be having a parade to celebrate all of our students.  I hope you all can come by and wave to everybody.  It will be from 1:00-2:00 in both the car rider and bus loop!


    Mr. Brady is still selling yearbooks until he runs out at $25.


    Lesson Plans and activities for May 25-29

    This is our last week for distance learning.  I hope you have enjoyed these activities and lessons.  You can always go back and do activities you may have missed or redo ones you really enjoyed!


    Week 10 Lesson Plans                              

    At Home Learning Packet Week 10                          

    Mary, Mary Quite Contrary Nursery Rhyme


    I'd still really like to see any Nursery Rhyme Day videos that you may have made if you haven't sent them in yet!  I would love to share the ones I have received, but it isn't allowed.



     I am attaching a Poem that I used to print and give at graduation.  The only thing missing for you will be a picture, but you can put one in of your choice! 

    Here is the link to the "graduation" poem--> Graduation Poem  This is a bonus drawing page that you might want them to do and save it.-->When I Grow Up


    Here are some extra worksheets to go along with the Ocean Theme for the week.  The cards you  can do just by looking at the pictures, and don't have to print.

    Ocean Clip Cards 

    Ocean Graphing

    Ocean Pattern Cards

    Ocean Color By Number


    Here are some Websites:

    Seaworld Shark Information

    Tennessee Aquarium live cameras

    Live Cams with narrated feedings at specific times


    Here are some Videos:

    🦈🦑Wild Kratts - Ocean Explorers

    Wild Kratts - Dive into the Atlantic Ocean!

    Wild Kratts ⭕🌊 Activate Deep Blue Water Powers!

    Wild Kratts | Stuck on Sharks

    Wild Kratts Season 1 Episodes 2: Whale of a Squid

    Wild Kratts - S06E05 Hammerheads

    Wild Kratts - S06E08 The Vanishing Stingray




    Lesson Plans and activities for May 18-22

    On May 19th from 10:00am-2:00pm, the car rider line will be open for PreK parents to drive through and pick up your child's belongings.  I am planning to be there from 10:00-12:00 to help, so try to get in there during this time for your kid's things. Here is a list of all times for the whole school: 

    Tuesday, May 19th: Pre-K through 2nd grade  10:00-2:00

    Wednesday, May 20th: 3rd-5th grade  10:00-2:00

    Thursday, May 21st: Middle school students who need to pick up a yearbook, spring picture, PE clothes, pre-ordered Earth Day Shirt, or purchased Drama Club DVD.  10:00-2:00


    Mr. Brady will also be selling yearbooks in the bus loop.  


    If you haven't sent them in, please don't forget your Nursery Rhyme Day Video or Pictures!!! Send them to me so I can see how awesome they turned out!!

    Hello everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful week ahead of you!  Here are the plans for the week and the nursery rhyme.  Please remember the links to all of the books and other resources are embedded in the At Home Learning Packet link.  If you need anything, please remember I am just a phone call, email, or text away! Please let me know if you need the link!

    Week 9 Lesson Plans                     

    At Home Learning Packet Week 9                 

     Where Oh Where Nursery Rhyme

    Your assignment this week is to complete one of the activities in the packet and send me a picture.  It would be out of this world to create the moon with aluminum foil!. You could tell me what you would do if you met an alien, and draw a picture of what he or she would look like.  You can make a rocket out of the letters in your name!  There are so many fantastic activities in this weeks plans.  I hope you find one you enjoy doing!





    Lesson Plans and activities for May 11-15

    Here are 2 possible Mother's (and Grandmother's) Day activities you could do with your children!

    1) Mother and Grandmother's day questions

    (I left this as a word document in case you wanted to type your answers in the blanks and print it.  I put the pink "a" on the page, so you could type your answers and they would be pink and underlined.  You could also just print it and write in the answers, just delete the letter "a" first.)  If you aren't able to print, you could just write the questions and their answers on a piece of paper.

    2) Fingerprint poem

    (I would usually attach this paper to a 9x12 piece of construction paper and then do their handprints in paint.)

    Here is the nursery rhyme from last week:     Rub-a-Dub-Dub Nursery Rhyme

    On May 19th from 10:00am-2:00pm, the car rider line will be open for PreK-2nd grade parents to drive through and pick up your child's belongings.  I am planning to be there from 10:00-12:00 to help, so try to get there during this time for your child's things. 

    Yearbooks are still on sale for $25.00  Mr. Brady will be out selling them during the times you can pick up your child's things.  

    Don't forget your Nursery Rhyme Activity is due on Friday May 15th!!! Send them if you haven't already, so I can see how awesome they turned out!!

    Remember, your favorite healthy foods activity is due Monday, so this is your reminder.


    Here is a fantastic website that you can use to access live animal feeds from zoos all over the world.  These can be a great motivational reward for your little ones. There are also lots of other virtual filed trips as well.

    Virtual Field Trips 


     I will be out of town until Tuesday evening, but you can contact me at any time. Since I won't be home though, I am posting next week's information early.

    Well I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and I hope all of you moms, and grandmas enjoyed your Mother's Day!  I am going to go ahead and post Father's Day activities in these plans because I might just forget if I wait, and I am thinking about it now.  This way if you want the poems, you will know where to find them for when Father's Day gets closer. This week don't forget that the links to all of the books and resources that go with the lessons are embedded into the At Home Learning Packet Week 8 link.  

    Week 8 Lesson Plans                     At Home Learning Packet Week 8                 Three Blind Mice Nursery Rhyme

    Here are some printable memory or end of year books.  Look through the different versions and use whichever one suits you and your child.  This is posted of course as optional, but if you do one and you want to share it with me, I would love to see it!

    My Memory Book

    End of Year Memory Book

    My Sweet Year Memory Book

    Suggestion/Ideas How to Do Memory Books


    Father's Day activities: Father's Day Poem (for this one, I always painted the kid's one foot a light color in a thin layer and have them step on the paper.  After it dries, I would then glue it to a piece of 9x12 black construction paper)

    Fillable Father's Day Poem (I left this as a word document in case you wanted to type your answers in the blanks and print it or you can print it and write in the answers.)  


    This link here--> bit.ly/oceansprek, will take you to the most recent Kindergarten Crate activities!  





    Happy Mother's Day to all of our Moms and Grandmas!      flowers   Thanks for all you do!


    We do not have a date yet, but the school is working on setting up dates, so you can pick items up from the school. Items such as yearbooks, school pictures, and things like that.  I will let you know more when dates and procedures have been decided.

    As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to text, email, or call!

    Lesson Plans and Activities for May 4 - May 10

    At Home Learning Packet Week 7

    This week for your assignment, I would like you to tell me about your favorite healthy foods.  I would like you to draw, paint, or create them in some way (for example - play dough) or whatever way you can imagine! I would love to know if they are fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains, or protein.


    Part of being healthy is exercise!  We used to do exercises, yoga and stretching in our classroom!  Here are some exercises you can do at home:

    Cosmic Kids Yoga (This is long, and would be best done over a few sessions, but it is about Alice in Wonderland!)

    Tooty Ta!

    Listen and Move

    Bear Hunt

    Dance Freeze song

    Shake your sillies out

    If You're Happy and You Know It (This is a great slow down song, and they love to Hi in all of the different languages!)

    Here is a whole activity packet about bees!  Without them, we wouldn't have our heathy fruits and vegetables! Please remember that these are optional activities, and you don't even have too print them to be able to do them!  http://bit.ly/prekbee    If you do any of it though, I would love to see pictures or videos!

    Stay safe and healthy!

    Prevent heart disease: Cardiologist reveals how he protects his heart Mrs. Domalavage





    Lesson Plans and activities for April 28-May 4

    I hope everyone is staying safe and having fun during our distance learning time.   


    Mr. Brady asked us to share this with you about yearbooks: 

    “Don’t let this year pass without getting a 2020 Yearbook. Order online with a credit card at www.yearbookordercenter.com.”

    This link Yearbook Video will take you to a video he made! 


    Ms. Woerner also made a video from photos and videos that teachers sent in.  If you haven't seen it floating around on Facebook here is a link to it:https://youtu.be/iLgAp4LDSxI


    If we were having normal school, we were going to have our 1st ever Nursery Rhyme Day! in May.  I am so sad we will not be able to do that as a whole class! Here's how we can do it now: Have your child pick his/her favorite nursery rhyme that we have learned this school year. THEY LIKELY HAVE MORE THAN ONE, BUT CHOOSE 1.  Then dress up or use props to act out the nursery rhyme.  Send me a video when you have finished this activity.  I was so excited for this day, and hope to be able to have some of you participate from home.  If you can't video it, but you want to share it, you could take a picture of them dressed up or with their props. To give you extra time for this activity, it will be due Friday May 15th. Any questions, just ask!

    Again, I am posting our new information on Tuesday! If you are checking out the AT HOME LEARNING PACKET WEEK 6, you could just do the activities on the same days and do Monday's next Monday.  Or, you could just do Monday's today (Tuesday) and continue to do that for the rest of the week.

    At Home Learning Packet Week 6                

    Old Mother Hubbard Nursery Rhyme  (No dinosaur nursery rhymes. Maybe she was giving him a dinosaur bone!)          

    Dinosaur Directed Drawing (this is a step by step how to draw a dino)

    For this week, I would love to see your child draw, paint, glue shapes together,  build or do whatever they come up with to  create their own dinosaur.  However creative you and your child would like to get, I would love to see it.  Just email me pictures or video of completed dinosaur work if you are able. These will again be due on Monday.

    Here are the links to books and activities with the dinosaur theme for this week:



    I have already sent you other math activities, but here is another free site in case you want more options. Kinder Math Worksheets will take you to printable Math worksheets.  These are of course optional. If you want to use it and can't print them,  you can have your child answer verbally with you. 

    This link Lakeshore Printables will take you to more printable worksheets from Lakeshore.  This too is optional and only if you are looking for extra work! 



    Lesson Plans and activities for April 20-24

    I have sent an email containg the information on how to use the vocabulary books in their packets.

    You have all received the email about free websites that your child has been registered for, and other free websites you can access on your own!

    As you know, I really miss our kids, and we have found out that sadly we will not be going back to school this school year.  We will keep up with our distance learning through June 1st.  I would love to see you all when we return for orientation, or other school activities.

    You know you can call, text or email whenever you need to with any questions!

    Guess what we are learning about this week! Reptiles and amphibians

    Week 5 Lesson Plans                             

    Mary Had a Little Lamb Nursery Rhyme
    I know it doesnt go with the theme, but some of our plans have changed with this distance learning :-)


    Awesome pictures of Ryder and his snakes


    This week, I would like you to have your child draw a self portrait.  Remind them that they need to show us where they are. They aren't just floating in space you know (unless that is where they want to draw themselves HA! , but they need to draw things from space to let us know that is where they are).  Please send that to me in a scan, photo, or however possible.  

    Also, please have your child draw a reptile or amphibian of their choosing.  Also, have them tell you something they have learned about reptiles or amphibians to go with the theme this week, and send me a picture/scan/something!

    Please get these to me by Monday if possible.  Please call/text/email if you won't be able to do it. This is how I am counting attendance this week.  You can use the information below to help you find out more about reptiles and amphibians.

    Amphibian Information

    Frog Information


    Below you will find two videos that can be used with reptiles and amphibians:

     Amphibians: Educational Video for Kids



    Reptiles: Educational Video for Kids



    Several of the kids in our class like Wild Kratts, so I found some videos about different reptiles:

    Wild Kratts 🦎 Activate Reptile Creature Power

    Wild Kratts | Komodo Dragon | Full Episode

    Wild Kratts - Chameleon Power (4 minute clip)


    And one about frogs (Amphibians)

    Wild Kratts Aquafrog



    Lesson Plans and activities for April 13-17 Guess what we are learning about this week! Guess what we are learning about this week


    Here are some ideas for activities you can do with your child at home. You don’t have to do them in order or try to complete all of them (unless of course you want to!) If you have other activities that you are doing and they are working, keep doing them! We’d love to hear about activities that are going well at home!


    Here is the link to find lesson plans for this week. At Home Learning Week 4

    The https://www.readworks.org/ site has plant based stories assigned for everyone!  Follow the directions in the email to get registered for this and other sites 

    Here are some videos to go with our unit:

    What a Plant Needs to Stay Alive | Springtime Song | Science Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann



    Parts of A Plant | I'm A Plant | Plants Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann



    Cartoon for Kids‼️ Plant Needs. Science for Children



    Sesame Street: Grover Talks About Plants




    Lesson Plans and activities for April 1-April10

    Here is the link to find the lesson plans for this week. Weekly Lesson Plans-Week 3

    Here are some stories to go with week

    Winter Books on YouTube:

    A Snowflake:  A Winter Story  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cky-c4J3kZg

    Animals in Winter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6NX7l8g044

    Hibernation Station


    Spring Books on YouTube:

    How Do You Know It's Spring? Stories for Kids


    Welcome Back Spring!


    Fall Books on YouTube:

    Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn




    The Biggest Apple


    Summer Books on YouTube:

    Summer By Alice Low


    And Then Comes Summer


    Four Seasons Books on YouTube:

    Four Seasons for Kids


    A Book of Seasons




     Here is the link to find lessons plans for week 2--> Weekly Lesson Plan 


    Here is a link --> bit.ly/kingleopack to King Leonard's Teddy.  This is a packet that will have ideas that you can use with a theme of recycling.  This link here http://kindergartenvideos.com/king-leonards-teddy will open up the book for your child to hear the story.

    This link KindergartenVideos.com will take you to a variety of kid friendly videos for your child to enjoy.  This is the same link that went home in the email.


    These links will open up the nursery rhymes for this week. I am including 2 nursery rhymes since some may want to work on things this week as well as next week.  

    Old Woman in Shoe Nursery Rhyme  this would have been our rhyme for last week.

    Hot Cross Buns Nursery Rhyme  this would have been our rhyme for this week (March 30-April 3).


    Remember you can choose to print and color the rhyme as they learn it, or you can just learn the rhyme. If you are unable to print, packets will be available Thursday, April 2nd and Friday, April 3rd for pickup but are not necessary.  You can have your child draw a picture and color it to go along with the rhyme instead of coloring a picture!

    Click here for a link to free ABC Mouse!    You will have to type in the information.  You can not directly access the information on this page.

    Please remember that if you have any questions at all email, text, or call me.

    My email  Annette.domalavage@marion.k12.fl.us

    The school’s phone number 352-671-6325


    Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.).  These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms.  If you do not want your child’s image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.